MedPurest Worked Overtime to Prepare Isolation (Protective) Gown for The CIVID-19

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( — April 8, 2020) — On April 6,Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd Medical isolation(protective) gown production in the workshop, the workers are busy cutting, sewing, overlock, packaging. “In order to strive for to finish more isolation(protective) gown gowns order production tasks, alleviate shortage of overseas isolation(protective) equipment, the workers a day race against time, overtime work schedule.” The company manager Long Shushan said.

According to the long shushan manager, because the brand of medpurest has become world-famous, the republic of Cyprus through the embassy in China to contact medpurest, to order some medical isolation(protective) gown quarantine gown and other epidemic products, the customer requires that the product must have (eu) CE certification, sterile products and to wear foot cover, also must have the medical equipment production qualification of the enterprise. “Based on customer’s requirements, the company immediately organize human resource, organization, after seven days work overtime production, 20000 pieces of medical disposable isolation(protective) gown on March 27 through in Cyprus to arrange special plane to arrive in the morning.”



Spain is also the worst-affected area. When customers in Spain were in urgent need of disposable masks, MedPurest also arranged relevant personnel to deliver them to customers via UPS in four days, which solved the urgent needs of customers.


In every workshop, the skill with which workers scramble to make isolation(protective) gown is breathtaking. “In order to ensure the quality and progress of the products, these workers are trained with the help of local government departments after strict and standardized training.” Workshop director zhou introduced that the company is now 24 hours of full capacity production, the average daily output is about 5,000 pieces. Because of the heavy workload, some employees tend to take advantage of the break between meals to take a nap, a little rest.

MedPurest and other European countries are negotiating the production of isolation(protective) gown orders, and in strict accordance with the quality standards, to speed up production.