Layoners Sunglasses for Men: What are the Best Shades for Your Face Shape?

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( — October 7, 2020) — Men are as fashionable as women and love to accessorize. Layoners provide sunglasses for men in different styles, what is the best pair for your face shape?

When you know the right frame to suit the shape of your face, you can boost your face features more and hide your imperfections. But remember that the shape game is not that easy because sometimes, faces are a combination of two shapes that makes it trickier.

Men’s faces tend to morph a little when they gain or lose weight, get older, grow a beard, or change their hairstyle. What matters is you’re aware of the shape that stands out so you can pick the correct frame.

Here is a guide that Layoners sunglasses suggests:

  1. Square

Men with square shaped faces have an almost equal length and width of the face. Their jawline is very prominent. 

Certainly, you don’t want to appear like a box. You can wear square or rectangular frames with rounded lines, but something that is too geometric can look too much.

If you have this face shape, darker frames with a little silhouette work well for you. Lighter shades can also look great on you, especially those with rounded shapes. 

You can also easily pull off rounded lenses with contrasting colors or curved geometric aviators. Pale gray-blue lenses in tortoiseshell, as well as green lenses in amber frames, are perfect too.

Just make sure not to mirror the shape of your face. Always keep in mind that the best fit for you is a bit horizontal than vertical and a little curve or slant type of shades. 

  1. Round

Round faces are almost similar to square faces that they have a similar width to length. If you have a square face, age and weight gain may turn it to a round face making your jawline a little softer.

As a general rule, don’t wear anything that’s oversized. You can wear shades with straight lines. Also, those shades with thin, dark horizontal lines with a little curve will work best for you.

  1. Heart

A heart face shape is almost like an inverted triangle that has a softer and rounder jawline. The forehead is wider than the chin. 

The best bet for you is a tear-drop aviator that adds volume to the lower part of your face. You can pick aviators with a matte finish and tonal lenses or a vintage shiny frame with flash lenses.

A great example of this face shape is Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio when he was still young. Put on a classic dark wayfarer or a gold-tone aviator. You can also wear elongated lenses that are sporty and designed with horizontal lines.

  1. Oblong

If you have longer than a wider face, and you have a rounded jawline, you certainly have an oblong face. You’re actually one of the luckiest people if you have this face shape because anything can look good on you. 

You just have to remember to avoid wearing shades that make your face look longer. Do not wear tear-drop aviators as it will exaggerate the shape of your face more.

Instead, style with an oversized, square aviator. The best shades are always the ones that balance and divide the long, narrow plane on your face. 

Celebrities like Bruce Dern, Ben Affleck, and Clint Eastwood are the perfect examples of this face shape. You can don aviator shades in neon orange and blue reflector lenses and pair with a cap to make your face look shorter.

  1. Oval

Another lucky type of face shape is the oval face as people can wear almost any shades because it looks good on them. An oval face has a somewhat longer face than it is wide and has a rounded curved chin. 

Christian Bale, George Clooney, and Matthew McConaughey are celebrities that have this type of face. You can experiment with anything when it comes to shades.

Wear small or oversized, round or geometric, anything is completely fine. You can have wraparound styles, classic aviators, and vintage rounds as long as it suits your personality. 

Just keep in mind to never wear shades that go beyond your lines. Anything that extends more than the width of your face can make you lose your perfect symmetry. 

When it comes to finding the right brand of sunglasses to fit your needs if you have an oval shaped face, then you should look no further than Oakley sunglasses. The stylish, and hugely successful, brand are pretty much the brand leader when it comes to catering for this look. 

Their aviator models could well be the right fit in this category, they also cater for those seeking a nice vintage aesthetic.

  1. Triangle

Do you have this shape of face? Triangle faces have a wider forehead than the chin.

Wear something with rounded lines to soften your features. A clubmaster or a brow line style of shades would work best on you. A tortoiseshell frame with a keyhole bridge can also look good on you.