How to make your workplace romance a successful one?

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( — April 11, 2020) —

Workplace romances are not a new thing. It has been ever since women’s footfall in the office environment rose. There are very high chances of a person finding the love of your life at your workplace for you had spent most of your time at the desk. You get a deeper understanding of the person. The workplace had become a zone where you had started building deeper personal relationships. Back in the year 2017, about 40% of people started dating in their office environment and one-third of them had gotten married. But this wasn’t the scenario in the year 2019. Things have changed to a greater extent. 


How to take about your office romances post-Harvey Weinstein and MeToo?


When a co-worker approaches a woman at the workplace, there can be several reasons behind the meeting. Not every co-worker who approaches a woman has intentions of harassing her sexually. There is a huge gap between calling her out for dinner and asking for sexual favors. There are three ways you can go about doing if you want to confess your love for her as office place is a mixed atmosphere with people from different walks of life, varying personalities and with different views and opinions. 


  • Act in a very professional manner 


You are required to act in a very professional manner and avoid texting the female in the chat boxes of e-mails and another communication medium which is used for texting the people in the office for official purposes. Not every person who has come to the workplace would be interested in finding love. Most of them are there for professional purposes. 


Comments, gestures or even certain words are said to fall under the umbrella of sexual harassment. Approaching your co-worker in a very intimate manner and asking her out repeatedly despite her not responding well is also a case of sexual harassment. Facebook and Google have devised a workplace policy where an employee is allowed to ask the other person only once and if the answer is NO, he should not keep asking her repeatedly. 


You need to learn to draw a line between your personal and professional life. It is not a fair thing to show your love and affection for the significant other in the form of PDA, public display of affection. One must also keep in mind that the email assigned for official purposes is under the constant check of the IT team and getting caught red-handedly would cause awkwardness for all. 


  • Reveal your relationship to top management 


It is a proven fact that only 2 out of 5 couples have openly spoken about their relationship to all who work in the office. Even if the couple doesn’t openly convey to all those who work in the office, it is pertinent to let the Human Resources team of the company know about the existence of their relationship. This leads to reduced occurrences of nepotism and avoids the chances of getting close to the other person in the workplace. 


There are a lot of risks that are associated while you are keeping your relationship at the workplace in secrecy. The other person might complain that the relationship wasn’t consensual and that he/she was coerced into the relationship. There have been many instances of these types of cases and this has led to asking the employees to sign documents that the relationship was consensual and they weren’t forced into this. 


  • Never get into a manager-subordinate relationship 


When a woman gets into a relationship with the manager of the workplace, then there are high chances of her losing her morale at the workplace. It is never recommended to date a person who is in the higher hierarchy. Whether it is consensual or non-consensual, it shows a tinge of favoritism in the workplace dynamics. If the woman is being offered better compensation or she receives better perks at the workplace when there is less workload for her when it comes to working assignments. This could lead to the creation of a very dangerous and toxic workplace scenario.


As it has been proven already that only one-third of relationships between manager and subordinate leads to marriage, when it turns into a break-up, it leads to a lot of bitterness between the manager and the sub-ordinate as the other person might feel that he/she is being professionally sidelined by the other. In case, you get caught with some workplace relationship mess, then you can call the Toronto Employment Lawyer  who is well aware of the nitty-gritty of a case and can help you get out of it easily. 


These are some of the ways by which you can build an everlasting love at your workplace and lead it to marriage successfully. It is indeed a very bumpy ride to keep the romance blooming at your workplace and balance your work life very clearly.