Experts Recommend Memoir Writing Essentials to Aspiring Writers

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( — April 20, 2020) Wilmington, DE — Writing can be done by pretty much by everyone but it is vital to realize that there are skills to develop and techniques to apply to become a good one. According to experts, it is vital to write from the heart and this means be courageous to speak about the truth, face rejection, and be daring. 

There are essential steps to have strong writing skills, and one is to be able to convey clear message and establish a connection with the audience. Another skill to develop is the power of observation, and this necessitates learning what makes readers tick. 

It is vital to get inside their head and truly understand what keeps them involved with the written work.

One of the most important steps to writing a memoir is to know the theme. There are various ways to attract readers with your theme even if it’s completely can’t relate to your experiences. 

It is recommended to write about the events, learnings, experiences, and places involving that theme in such a way that the readers can relate to them. There are cosmic commonalities that readers can relate such as food, shelter, and love. 

The fears of loneliness, abandonment, and fears are also included in the list. Touching any of these increases the likelihood of reaching the cores of the readers. Another important technique is to write without preaching, and this means sharing experiences and their impacts, and trusting the readers to get it. 

Experts further suggest carefully selecting anecdotes as this aids in resurrecting memories. A memoir gets more effective if it shares how introspective and vulnerable you are. It is similarly important to write it like a novel and it should portray the clear difference between who you once were and who you are today.

A part of creating a great memoir is to have the right writing tools, and this means using a laptop, phone, or a computer. It can also mean handwriting, which is a traditional technique used by many of world’s renowned authors. 

Handwriting can be beneficial for individuals who want to take a break from having too much screen time. It can also be useful for those who want to go outdoors and contemplate as it doesn’t carry the risk of running out of batteries like phones do for note taking.

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