Do You Want to Sell Your CPA Firm Quickly Without Dealing With Middlemen?

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( — April 13, 2020) — 

There are so many reasons why someone would want to sell their CPA firm. Whatever the reason, it’s always good to ensure that you have the right information and understanding of the market. Keep in mind that most chances are, your buyer is an investor, and we all know, investors are suckers for good ideas. An already existing CPA can also want to expand by engulfing your company, and these can be hard to deal with because they can be exploitive at times.

How to Value Your CPA Firm When Selling

When “value” is mentioned, assets and any other expenses that contributed to the existence of your company is what it means and should be backed up by the right papers. However, there’s one thing that many people forget to include, and it’s the value of the idea. Know that all the tax filing companies that exist are unique, and so is yours. Plus, it took you time and energy to come up with the idea.

Don’t forget to include your current clients in your evaluation if you have some. Finding clients is never easy. No matter how little revenue they bring to the company, they are essential with regards to value. You should get more guidance from the market rates provided by the market and platforms like

How to Get a Good Buyer

There’s always someone who wants to buy your CPA firm, but finding the perfect one is usually the problem. In most cases, people rely on agents to find buyers, but the rates are usually too high. This then means it will take more time before you can finally close the deal. After knowing the value of your firm and setting your prize, you can quickly find a good buyer if you reach out properly.

You’ll also want to consider the payment method that a buyer is proposing. Some will want to risk fully, and some will want to pay you in installments. This should take you back to why you’re selling your CPA firm. If it’s because the company isn’t making good money or business has been seasonal, then such a deal can be unfavorable.

Part of selling your company involves intensive marketing, and thanks to the Internet, this shouldn’t cost you anything extra. Good online marketing reaches unbelievable prospects, and you can even end up getting more money than the value of your firm because buyers are scrambling.


Even though there are many things that can make someone sell their companies, most buyers tend to think that the seller is desperate for money. Therefore, be prepared to get some annoyingly low proposals, but this shouldn’t shake you. However, you should be flexible enough with your pricing because someone or a company wanting to spend lots of money will want to put up a good bargain. Keep in mind that you can sell your CPA firm either fully or partially.