Why Healthcare Attorney Is Crucial for Senior Health Care

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(Newswire.net — April 15, 2020) — Senior health care has its share of challenges. One wrong decision could mean the difference between good outcomes and disaster, especially if you become incapacitated or other unfortunate events occur in your senior years. A healthcare attorney can help you plan your healthcare, particularly with respect to potential eventualities. Not only can healthcare attorneys help you handle health and financial matters, but they can also help you take care of day-to-day issues that affect your actual care, including life planning and assisted living. Still not convinced? Well, here are more reasons why a health attorney is crucial to senior healthcare.

  • Medicaid issues 

As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, it is critical that every senior citizen receives benefits to cover his or her needs. However, Medicaid has strict eligibility guidelines for people who need long term care. For instance, benefits are income and asset-based, but you are not allowed to give everything you own to qualify, especially if you suspect that you may need the service in the future. 5-year “look back” period rules, for instance, may pull back money or assets into your ownership if you attempt to transfer them to other people to qualify. A healthcare attorney is familiar with these regulations and can offer you professional advice in the event that you need long-term care.

  • Customized Care

A customized approach is critical for the success of long-term care for seniors. Remember that every situation is unique and every individual has his or her needs. A healthcare attorney can work with you to establish the best course of action that you can take for positive outcomes.

  • Figuring out long-term care option

Long-term care costs aren’t cheap and figuring out how to pay for them can be stressful. A healthcare attorney can help you understand the options that are more suited for your case, including Medicare and Medicaid benefits. The attorney will not only discuss specific insurance plan options but also recommend for you the best options that have been proven to work for many seniors.

  • Interpreting state laws

There are several state laws that govern what can be included in advance medical directives, trusts, wills, or financial power of attorney. Some of these laws dictate the parties who can and cannot serve as your trustee, personal representative, or healthcare surrogate. They also control who can be a witness to your trust, will, or medical power of attorney as well as the procedures that must be followed when signing these documents.

Working with a health attorney in navigating these requirements can avoid costly mistakes if you or your close relatives are not familiar with these laws and other state laws that govern senior health care. Remember than even a simple assumption that doesn’t turn out as expected can jeopardize your plans.

  • Finding a suitable Nursing Home

Finding a suitable nursing home that can meet all your needs and preferences can be a difficult process. Quality of care, comfort, and affordability are important factors to consider when choosing a suitable nursing home and a healthcare attorney can help you choose the best facilities based on such factors and more. Most competent healthcare attorneys can assess eligible placement options as well as corresponding payment benefits to ensure that you fund a facility that is perfect for your needs.

  • Defending Guardianship selection   

Guardianship is usually appointed when you are no longer able to care for yourself and your assets. Many issues often arise when the court appoints a guardian without the input or consent of your loved ones. This is another area where a healthcare attorney can assist. An attorney can help defend the rights of your loved ones to ensure that the right guardian is chosen.

  • Other Benefits:

Healthcare attorney may also help with any of the following:

  • Drafting wills and other advanced directives
  • Filing nursing home claims
  • Managing assisted living costs
  • Creating a durable power of attorney 

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The Bottom line

Healthcare attorneys are crucial for senior health care. An attorney typically ensures that your needs are met now and in the future—and needs, in this case, include both long-term care and asset or estate planning and management. Put simply, partnering with a healthcare attorney helps you secure your future and your loved ones.