Anticipation Builds Ahead of the Return of Sport World-Wide

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( — April 17, 2020) — It really is an unprecedented period of time, with the coronavirus pandemic meaning normality has drawn to a halt and many people around the world are stuck in lockdown. Some areas are now just starting to reduce these measures, such as Germany, with the US set to follow suit in the near future according to the President. 

The lockdown has meant a world-wide halt to daily life and businesses being badly affected, with many closures. It really is a difficult time and that is why normal life needs to return sooner than later, before more damage is done to economies around the world. 

There are so many different industries that are facing struggles from this and sport has been one of them. Event after event has been cancelled and is leading to players and staff having their wages cut around the world, in order to help the clubs and institutions get through this period of time.

Virtually all major football leagues around the world have been postponed, but UK bookmakers are still continuing to offer prices in the outright markets. This excludes the Belgium league, which have called a halt to their season and awarded Club Brugge with the title. Something that will not have gone down well with UEFA, who had asked league’s to wait it out and complete when possible.

The European championship have also been postponed and moved to next year, with the Olympic games also now following suit. This was despite being pushed to go ahead and eventually overturning their decision. The UFC were also pushing ahead for their recent event but called a late stoppage to this, which was announced by President Dana White. This was due to ESPN, who asked for the event to not go ahead.

The big question now is, when will sport return around the world, as anticipation continues to build? The UFC are set to be one of the first organisations to go ahead and Dana White recently confirmed they will return on May 9th with 3 UFC title fights. This could also possibly include the clash between Ferguson and Gaethje, which was scheduled following the previous cancellation of the fight between Ferguson and champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Other sports are also now pushing and starting to reschedule their returns, so let’s hope we see a return to normality in the coming months ahead, as we get past this hugely difficult period.