Bespoke Custom Designed Stethoscopes For Doctors And Nurses Launched

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( — April 22, 2020) — A newly updated custom stethoscope design service has been launched by Ultrascope. Already offering a lifetime warranty on each stethoscope, the new personalization makes it even more unique.

Ultrascope has launched a newly updated custom stethoscope design service to provide customers with personalized gifts for healthcare and veterinary graduates. The company creates hundreds of unique products, and customers can also design their own custom piece by providing sketches, pictures, or a written idea.

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Ultrascope has been designing custom stethoscopes since 1987, and every product comes with a lifetime warranty. Now they’ve updated their bespoke service with a wider range of options.

With the COVID-19 crisis seeing numerous doctors and nurses graduating early to help patients across the world, the updated service from Ultrascope provides customers with an appropriate, effective graduation gift.

Healthcare workers and first responders can use the gift in practical situations, while showing off their own unique character. To begin the order process, customers just have to fill out the form provided on site while giving details of their idea.

The unique, customized design of each stethoscope increases usage appeal. It can help children to overcome their fear of a visit to the doctor, serve as a conversation starter, or exhibit a passion for animals, sports, or other hobbies.

While each stethoscope is truly bespoke and distinctive, the products are fully functional and created to the highest quality. The customized design process ensures superior cardiology acoustics, with an acrylic head that absorbs less ambient noise than alloy. This dampens the surrounding environment, and isolates the sounds that the user wants to hear.

The defining feature of the Ultrascope is this clear dome of acrylic, which magnifies the hand-painted decoration. The flat crown of the Ultrascope head offers space for a personalized engraving.

The company states: “We’ve always had some of the best looking stethoscopes. Now giving our customers the ability to truly customize what they want, from a simple sketch to a cartoon of their dog to a portrait of their children, will hopefully make their difficult jobs a little bit brighter. .”

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