The Most Famous Signature Shots of the Cricketers

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( — April 21, 2020) — Cricket is one sport that has massively evolved over the years. Right from the days when there was just test cricket, to the time where the t20 matches are keeping the audiences on their toes, cricket is one of the favourite sports of most of the Indians. Just like being the favourite sport, people have their favourite cricketers as well and remember them with the kind of game or shots that they play. 

Let’s check out some of the most iconic cricketers and their favourite shots in this blog.

The Dilscoop by Dilshan

This Sri Lankan cricketer is nothing less than a star. He is known for his signature shot which is nothing less than insane. His shot, known as ‘dilscoop’, where he pulled the ball over his own head. He has been particularly attempting this shot in the t20 matches and has seen success in most of the cases.

The Pull Shot by Ponting

Ricky Ponting is one of the most loved Australian cricketers. Although he is immensely popular for being a cricketer of class and fenace, what is particularly famous about him is his pull shot. In simple words, this is a shot where it pulls and snares the shot. In addition to this shot, he is also known for his on-drive and spread drive shots.

The Lap Shot by De Villiers

ABD, as he is commonly known as is one of the most charming batsmen. The cricket lovers often call him a ‘360-degree’ player. No matter what kind of ball is thrown at him, he has the capability to hit it anywhere on the ground. Although a lot of players play the lap shot, there is not but this guy who is capable of hitting the fastest bouncers and yorkers for lap shots. 

The Straight Drive-by Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar is nothing but the god of cricket. The way Sachin plays the straight drive is a treat to the eyes of the cricket lovers. No matter if you see his shots across different matches or play the same shot on a repeat mode, you would not get tired of it. In addition to this shot, he is also known for a few shots such as uppercut due to his stature.

The Helicopter Shot by M S Dhoni

There is no shot like Captain cool’s helicopter shot. This guy has a very unique style of hitting the ball. He particularly plays this shot to hit the most dreadful yorkers straight out of the boundary lines. In many cases when the pro fantasy cricket tips have suggested dropping Dhoni out of the squads, the fans still pick him just to see him finish the mighty game using his helicopter shot.

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