Palm Harbor Assisted Living Senior Lead Generation Housing Asset Plan Launched

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( — April 24, 2020) — A new senior housing asset protection program has been launched by Bild & Co. Their focus is on increasing leads and move-ins for senior living facilities during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

Bild & Co has launched a new program to help safeguard senior housing assets with their unique revenue protection scheme. It is designed to provide predictability, increased leads, and more revenue throughout the coronavirus crisis.

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The team at Bild & Co highlights the importance of looking after seniors in this stressful and anxious time. With lockdown and social distancing becoming the norm across the world, the elderly are at risk and more vulnerable than ever.

Many people are unable to go to the store or interact with friends, and it’s harder to visit elderly relatives. This can lead to isolation and depression.

Bild & Co is working with clients to get more seniors to move into independent and assisted living communities. For seniors, living in a community with their peers provides peace of mind, protection, safety, and connection.

This is especially important during a pandemic like the coronavirus crisis.

The Bild & Co team is offering access to its Bild Revenue Protection Program. The primary goal of this service is to assist operators, developers and owners in their efforts to stabilize occupancy, revenue, cash flow and net operating income.

In addition to this, the program can help to encourage sales and marketing teams to keep focused on income-producing activities. This can produce a pipeline of leads and move-ins both during and after Covid-19.

Bild & Co will provide expert database analysis to map out the current lead generation process and find effective ways to improve it. They can also review and re-prioritize sales and marketing budgets to increase efficiency.

Every week, they will provide a webinar specifically focused on sales tactics. This can help to ensure more move-ins during the current crisis and after it subsides.

Further benefits include an accountability coach, full CRM use for proper data management and forecasting, and objective third-party insight into the team and their performance.

Full details on the new program can be found on the URL above.