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( — April 23, 2020) — New Orleans online marketing agency Infintech Designs updated its services to provide high-quality multimedia content marketing and SEO for local businesses in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Infintech Designs, a digital marketing agency based in New Orleans, released an updated range of content-based digital marketing and SEO solutions. The agency partners with a team of experienced brand journalists, content strategists and marketing experts to create high-quality digital marketing campaigns adapted to the needs of local businesses across all sectors.

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The latest announcement aims to respond to the increased demand for professional digital marketing solutions as businesses throughout the US are struggling to adapt to the current COVID 19 mitigation policies.

With foot traffic reduced to record lows, small and medium-sized businesses are looking for effective ways to reach out to potential customers using various digital platforms.

Infintech Designs has developed a quality content-based approach that offers a series of important benefits in terms of search engine visibility, industry authority and online reputation.

The New Orleans online marketing agency works with a team of professional brand journalists to create custom news pieces promoting its clients’ brands, services and products.

The articles are published on hundreds of high-authority media networks and feature each client business in professionally written news stories.

To maximize online market reach, the agency also provides expert blogs, podcasts, slideshows and videos – all customized according to the local marketing goals of each business client.

The agency’s SEO team ensures that each piece of online content targets the most relevant local keywords for important Google ranking benefits.

With the latest announcement, the New Orleans digital marketing experts continue to update their range of high-quality online marketing solutions according to the latest industry developments.

Infintech Designs is also available for professional web design, on-page SEO, social media marketing and other solutions.

A satisfied client said: “Infintech Designs have done our search engine optimization and site management for a number of years now. The SEO they handle for us has brought in a substantial amount of new business and hiring them has certainly been well worth the investment. The whole team at Infintech Designs is professional and are very responsive to our questions. I would definitely recommend Infintech Designs to companies that need to expand their reach online.”

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