Apple to Insert Its Own Processors Inside Its Computers

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( — April 25, 2020) — It looks as if Mac will be gradually moving away from the Intel technology as of 2021. Although it won’t be replacing the chips from their previous manufacturer in all its computers just yet, it should be a question of time before it does so. These new processors will be based on the ones which can now be found inside the iPhone and the iPad.

A Transition Period

People on the inside say that the process will be gradual, as it will start only with less-powerful computers. The California based company is currently working on three different Mac processors, based on the iPhone A14 which will be featured in the next iPhone. They call it systems-on-a-chip and the first ones will be much faster than the current processors found inside the iPad and iPhone.

There will be at least one Mac with the company’s new chip coming out next year. Given the fact that they named the development program (Kalamata), most think that it suggests the company will be slowly moving away completely from the Intel chips it uses inside its computer at present time. This is an important announcement in the field of the web and computer news, and one that might not be so good for Intel, a long-time partner of Apple but also of Microsoft.

A Few Details about the Processors

The people who provided this information also explained a little bit more about the processors. They will be built by current Apple’s partner for iPhone and iPad processors: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. The components will be exactly the same size used in their next generation of tablets and phones, which is a 5-nanometer production technique.

The projects called “Firestorm” and “Icestorm” should produce processors with eight high-performance cores as well as four energy-efficient cores, to be used immediately in the next Mac production. Their long-term goal is to create a processor with more than 12 cores, which is part of the reason why they will not change the processors in their most powerful models just yet, as they are waiting for these to be ready first and inserted into the new models.

Gaining More Control on their Devices

By building all of their processors internally, Apple will be able to unify its apps ecosystem. It should also help them to update their system more regularly. But most of all, it will provide them with a greater control on their whole line of products while differentiating them even more from its competitors who are currently using the same technology provided by Intel.