ClickIvy Yves Kouyo 2020 Automated SEO Lead Generation Software Launched

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( — April 25, 2020) — A leading developer of automated digital marketing software, has announced the launch of ClickIvy to help brands easily create viral memes to boost website traffic, leads and revenue.

Yves Kouyo, a leading developer of intuitive automated digital marketing tools, has announced the launch of its latest cost-effective software product ClickIvy, which will be available from April 25th, 2020.

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The newly launched budget-friendly automated software is designed to help companies effortlessly create attention-grabbing quotes that will attract website traffic while increasing leads and boosting revenue.

Automated free traffic is one way for businesses to generate a passive income from a useful asset while the rest of the team focus on generating revenue from different streams.

ClickIvy offers digital marketers, and businesses alike, a range of unique features including the fact it is 100% SAAS based software, offers a user-friendly interface, and can be hosted remotely for people who do not have a website.

Additionally, it can instantly find trending content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Imgur and Giphy. This ensures businesses share quotes in a timely manner and secure brand visibility from topics that are already trending worldwide.

The easy to use software enables people to create Search Engine Optimized (SEO) viral memes and quotes in a matter of minutes. Creations can be easily published, shared, or scheduled at a time that is convenient to the client. Additionally, the memes and quotes can be published to multiple accounts instantly.

For results-driven individuals including digital marketers and business development officers, codes can be attached to each published piece to ensure key audiences are targeted and reached. There is also a ‘one-click sharing’ option, which is ideal for fast social media sharing.

Many marketers know social media posts are far more likely to be successful and reach the intended audience if there is an image included. Personalizing images with quotes and memes can help brands to standout on crowded social media platforms.

A company spokesperson said: “Many brands want to connect with customers in an authentic way. Social media enables customers and companies to develop and nurture a relationship with mutual engagement and interaction, but it is a competitive space and brands need to stand out from the competition.”

“ClickIvy will help brands to achieve these goals by revolutionizing the way they create, post and share memes, quotes and other viral graphics via social media, while increasing website traffic and sales,” they added.

To find out more about ClickIvy, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided or click here