5 Safe Packing Tips for Moving During the Pandemic

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(Newswire.net — April 26, 2020) —

With the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic affecting most countries, economies, and industries worldwide, you may find yourself struggling to tend to everyday activities and responsibilities, especially if you were in the process of planning a move prior to the pandemic and quarantine orders. These steps will allow you to remain productive without sacrificing the health of you or your loved ones during these trying times.

Create a Plan of Action

Before you begin packing your belongings for an upcoming move, it is important to create a plan of action. Consider your current location and whether you are in a mandated state of quarantine or if you are free to move about throughout your state and to other states throughout the country. Are you moving with anyone who has serious underlying medical issues or anyone older than 60? If so, you may want to consider postponing your move. However, if you are still determined to move forward with your plans, it is highly advisable to begin conducting research on various suppliers and moving companies near you. A good way to start would be to request a few moving quotes so that you can budget the move accordingly.

Compare Box Suppliers

If you do not currently have enough boxes in your home to pack all of your belongings, clothing, and personal items, you will need to seek out a local or online box supplier that can provide you with moving boxes in bulk. Before choosing a supplier that is right for you, be sure to research the safety measures each manufacturer or supplier is taking to minimize the risk of spreading germs and the COVID-19 virus itself with the boxes they are providing to customers.

Use Protective Gear When Packing and Storing Items

Consider using PPE, or personal protective equipment once you begin working with your moving boxes and packing items away, especially if your moving boxes were shipped to you from outside or if you have ordered additional shipping equipment and supplies off of the internet. Using PPE such as a face mask and gloves can help you to minimize the spread of any germs you pick up while you are in the process of storing items away, wrapping personal belongings, and sealing and labeling your moving boxes.

Seek Out a Minimal-Contact Moving Company

One way to help ensure that your moving goes as smoothly as possible is to find a local minimal-contact moving company in your area. Some moving companies do not provide in-person assistance or are taking additional measures to minimize the amount of contact their professional movers have with their clients, depending on your current location. Depending on the quarantine rules and orders currently in place, you may have the option of working with a moving company that provides the assistance of professional movers if you are unable to move your furniture and belongings yourself. Be sure to inquire about various methods being taken to protect customers with each moving company you are interested in using for your upcoming move.

Consider Using a Storage Unit

Another way to protect your belongings and yourself during this pandemic is to consider using a storage unit to store your items and furniture while you wait for the pandemic to end. If you are living in an area with restrictions and orders in place, using a storage unit can help you to protect your belongings and personal items while you await your ability to move about your state freely and without interruption or the possibility of receiving a fine, even if you are in the process of moving. Be sure to research current ordinances and orders in place in your state before choosing a moving plan that is right for you.

Staying safe during this pandemic while still working towards your upcoming move is possible with a bit of planning and preparation ahead of time. By taking the time to properly and safely pack your furniture, home decor, and personal belongings, you can maintain your peace of mind once your big moving date arrives.