Reasons why EMDR is an effective way for trauma treatment

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( — April 26, 2020) —

Trauma is an experience that creates a sense of threat and insecurity in the mind of a person. It changes how a person usually thinks, acts and, of course, as to how he or she reacts to a situation. The reactions are not something they control. The trauma makes them think in a certain way. If you are a person going through it, then no one knows all of this better than you. You are familiar as to how it gets locked in your brain and keeps repeating itself like a pre-recorded video. When a disturbing event takes place it just gets stuck in your nervous system.


Time and again, little clips of it keeps on playing. There are, however, parts in these clips that even have imaginary situations as well. This shows us that they are incomplete even in some places. These incomplete videos keep playing in your mind every time something even remotely related to the event of the trauma occurs. This in turn sets of a series of reactions and emotions triggered by those dysfunctional memories. EMDR is a technique that helps you to shift these clips of memories that cause such disruptions into the section of the brain that processes information.


In this way, the memories become just a part of the past. This technique takes a whole lot lesser time than a recovery via talk therapy. Also, in this method, it is all in you. You and your brain are who and what helps to complete the work of treatment. The brain has an inbuilt system that automatically urges it to heal emotionally. This technique simply shows the right track, in turn, speeding up the process. 


5 reasons why EMDR is an efficient technique to treat trauma: 


Experts have shown that EMDR is an effective method, and is a tried and tested one. It takes a lot lesser time than the therapy sessions where the person needs to talk about their grieves and events that caused the trauma and so on. Again, some people are not comfortable to open up about their personal life and its downfalls to others, some shrink away from doing so afraid that it might dig up old graves and expose old wounds and so on. All of these make therapy a longer process. EMDR is a process that only you and your brain would know about. It hence becomes a lot easier for you as well. 


EMDR therapist in Toronto too is quite popular. They are efficient enough to deal with such issues and have till now helped multiple people as well. Here is a set of reasons as to why experts believe EMDR to be such an efficient technique. 


  1. EMDR helps to integrate your entire nervous system. People who have gone through trauma will know how it stays on with the person. It is all that is responsible for disruptive emotions, responses or sensations. The nervous system does not properly function, not being able to be at its natural place which is taken up by the trauma. EMDR therapist in Toronto, is quite aware as to how this system works. The technique processes the entire events that cause the trauma and analyses it. The things that are considered to be learned experiences, are stored in the nervous system while the ones disrupting it are eliminated naturally by the brain.  


  1. EMDR techniques exploit the brain’s natural inclination towards well being. All of us, no matter how traumatised, want to be happy and satisfied again. The technique uses this feeling. There may be mental blocks created sue to these traumatic experiences that the EMDR technique dissipates. Many have experienced this even after those blocks could not be removed by many others previously tried out therapies.  


  1. EMDR is simply a technique that enhances your rate of forming bonds and mental connections with yourself. The EMDR therapist in Toronto knows their work well and guide the individuals seeking help as well. They know that the technique uses the reference of past experiences and chalk out its parts that cause the trauma, others that could be gold for the person and so on. 


  1. Again, therapy may be the more conventional approach towards treating trauma, but then, everyone is not comfortable speaking up about their feelings so easily. The process, hence, becomes time-consuming. EMDR does not take that much time. It does not include any man to man conversations. It just includes the bond between you and your nervous system.  


  1. The best part of EMDR treatments is that they start producing immediate results. It does not take much time after the nervous system has been restored in its earlier and original space. It does not take much time for the person to go back to a system of a healthy lifestyle. It betters our decision naming ability and maintains an emotional balance as well. 


Trauma is bad. No matter how bad a person is morally or ethically, no one deserves it. It turns your life inside out. So come, have a taste of EMDR and get out of your tragic past into a pleasant present.