Beginner Affiliate Marketing Automated Webinar Funnel Program Guide Launched

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( — April 30, 2020) — A new guide has been launched to John Thornhill’s Ambassador program for affiliate marketing success. It is a disruptive entry into the market that helps entrepreneurs to achieve ongoing passive income.

A new disruptive affiliate marketing training program has been launched by John Thornhill. It’s discussed in depth in a new guide from IM Test Labs, which shows the advantages of his training system and how it can help entrepreneurs to make more money working from home.

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The newly launched guide sheds light on the Ambassador Program created by marketing expert John Thornhill. By following the training and advice provided, entrepreneurs can unlock high-ticket offers that pay four-figure commissions. The disruptive breakthrough comes in the tools that members get when they sign up, offering a proven blueprint for success.

John Thornhill has taken the established affiliate marketing mould and incorporated some uncommon twists in his own program. Firstly, members will receive a custom-built webinar funnel that is fully set up for them. This allows members to quickly generate subscribers and take orders, saving them time and expense. It also means they can get their site online faster.

Secondly, the Ambassador system is designed to automatically collect the email addresses of every lead who enters the funnel. Site owners are then able to capture these visitors in their Aweber account, providing the ability to automatically create a list. This email list forms the foundation for any long-running and effective marketing or sales campaign.

The guide shows that John Thornhill’s main recommendation for achieving online success is for entrepreneurs to make and sell their own products. However, this can be a slow and laborious process. Affiliate marketing is one way that entrepreneurs can bypass this requirement and begin making money faster.

Members signing up to his Ambassador system will get the training they need to build relationships with their list. One-off sales are a short-term strategy, but for true ongoing success, it’s important to continually connect with customers. This is one area where the Ambassador program excels for entrepreneurs of any experience level.

The guide states: “John provides 99 days of ready made sequential email campaigns that are plugged into your Aweber autoresponder system. These emails are systematically sent to the leads you have been collecting.”

The system also comes complete with traffic-driving incentives, guest post content marketing solutions, automated Facebook and Twitter ads on John’s platforms, and more.

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