Disability Tax Credit Calculator Canada Financial Freedom Award Launched

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(Newswire.net — April 29, 2020) — A disability tax credit helpline has been launched for housebound Canadians who want to see progress in their cases. Canada Benefit Group is providing its resources to help people via the helpline.

The Canada Benefit Group has launched a disability tax credit calculator for all Canadians in all provinces and territories who may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars in benefits. This gives clients who qualify more financial freedom and allows them to live better lives. They pride themselves in treating each client like family and not just another application.

For more information https://canadabenefit.ca

The launch of a disability tax credit calculator by Canada Benefit group was developed to assist those suffering from delays in their cases. With the many restrictions of public exposure and travel, they want each client to know they are important and valuable. They are currently available to help in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta, PEI, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan.

The Government of Canada through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers various tax refunds and benefits for individuals with disabilities. These benefits are provided for Canadians with many different types of health issues.

The firm takes great pride in providing their clients with first-class customer service and ensures that they receive the maximum amount of benefits in the shortest period.

Since 2015 they have over 1500 successful clients garnering over $6 million and creating jobs. Each member of the firm has a background in the skilled-care industry and are acutely aware of the financial burden that plagues most people with a physical or mental disability.

Canada Benefit Group has discovered that thousands of Canadians are eligible for various Government benefits but are completely unaware. In particular one benefit, the Disability Tax Credit, can be claimed retroactively up to 10 years in the past.

Once a client retains them the team handles everything, including the application process, talking with doctors, accountants, negotiating with government agents and making sure eligibility criteria are being met.

For individuals who are curious but not ready for a phone consultation, they may go to the company’s website and use an easy-to-use calculator that estimates what they are entitled to if they are approved for the Disability Tax Credit.

The launch of the Disability Tax Credit disability tax credit calculator has been started to help those who need to receive their monies as soon as possible. The process can grant applicants up to $40,000.

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