Brand Suitability: What Does It Involve?

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( — April 29, 2020) —

Successful brands are known for their resonant and clever advertising initiatives. Nowadays, focusing solely on creation isn’t enough. Modern brands need to embrace industry innovations that appear regularly. 

Agencies and clients alike must be willing to invest resources, including time, to develop a unique identity that can help them connect with their targeted audiences and engage potential customers via marketing messages. 

One of those cutting-edge concepts is brand suitability that has gained a lot of popularity lately. 

What Is Brand Suitability?

Brand suitability is a term that describes the desired targeting parameters of a marketing specialist. It includes subjective variables such as demographics and location. All digital media pros consider this concept as one of their most important concerns. 

Brand suitability requires any business to establish several topics that must always be aligned with that company’s content targeting approach. It comprises both general and more specific levels like appeal, the overall tone of the message, production quality, etc. 

At the beginning of 2017, a major concern in the digital media industry was brand safety. In 2019, it shifted towards brand suitability. 

When it comes to the solutions that should be employed and the people responsible for addressing them, you will discover that brand suitability is greatly nuanced. 

How Does Brand Suitability Work?

This digital marketing concept takes into consideration a bunch of elements that characterize your online content:

  • Context;

  • Meaning;

  • Possible implications. 

Through brand suitability, you can discover more websites and webpages that are relevant for your brand, and that can bring you a better outcome. These virtual locations represent suitable placements for your ads. 

“Suitability” is the new brand “safety.” Brand suitability involves a brand’s actual needs and current status. It’s not only about avoiding inappropriate content but also about finding out those specific places that add value to your brand. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Let’s say you want to launch an online ad campaign that promotes children’s toys. The websites that the ads should appear on together with the content adjacency are highly different than the placements that are more appropriate for a company that sells alcohol. 

It all depends on the brand’s ethos of your company. Brand suitability helps you avoid risk while also display your ads in suitable environments. Through it, you will reach the right consumers. You need to understand the unique image of your brand and the type of message you want to send.

The Benefits of Brand Suitability 

Through brand suitability, we can clearly see that content is still king. When and if your brand is associated with unsavory content, your business will lose money and expose itself. Brand suitability is a context-based targeting practice that creates plenty of opportunities. 

Suitability Boosts Relevance 

Once you establish your brand’s suitability profile, you can plan and execute your campaign while resting assured that all the ads will only appear in optimal environments. This is a great benefit for advertisers, clients, platforms, and final consumers. It increases the overall effectiveness of the campaign by creating a more streamlined consumer experience. 

Other Perks that Brand Suitability Brings 

With brand suitability, your targeting preferences will be activated. This concept provides a wide range of amazing advantages:

  • Build precision ad placements;

  • Develops relevant and effective ad experiences;

  • Increases consumer engagement;

  • Helps you build a coherent and positive brand image;

  • Allows you to avoid associating your ads and brand message with inappropriate online content. 

Creating and promoting suitable content for the right audience should be something that all advertisers worry about. Contextual initiatives deliver relevant user experiences. It is a great way for you to protect your brand and drive your online campaigns to a whole new level of both meaning and relevance.