Phone Chatbot White Label App Website Visitor Sales Conversion Tool Launched

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( — April 30, 2020) — Ringbot, an online marketing company has launched its new white-label call bot app. The app helps business owners connect with prospects and customers in as little as 14 seconds.

Online marketing company, Ringbot has introduced its new white-label call bot app. The app helps to convert website visitors into leads and then customers.

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The newly launched click-to-call technology allows users to build on high-value engagements – creating a unique experience for prospects and customers. With Ringbot phone lead engagement software website traffic sales calls are instantly converted, making things easier for online business owners. This app works to increase sales calls by up to 70%.

Once the business owner signs up for the app, it works in 4 simple steps. First, visitors to the website would click the RingBot widget or the company’s artificial intelligence would prompt the widget to open at the ideal time. Following this, a mobile-friendly pop-up would prompt visitors to enter their phone number, requesting an instant callback from the business.

Ringbot then calls its client’s business, and when the sales team or agents answer they are prompted to claim the call by simply pressing 1 on their phone. Afterward, the software automatically initiates a call to the business owner’s prospect from the business’s phone number. This then connects the business owner to their customer, within 14 seconds.

As well as the 14 seconds call-back feature, Ringbot has many other features to serve a business including 24/7 management, where the company manages its clients’ calls based on the operational hours of their businesses and further enables intelligent call scheduling during off-hours.

Another prominent feature that comes with the white label call bot app, is that of real-time reporting, where the company reports to its clients on their prospects and customers and how their employees interact with these customers. Ringbot’s clients also have the option of customizing call buttons, pop-ups, and calls-to-action to match their brand and messaging.

Additionally, the platform has a built-in CRM feature, where business owners can easily manage call logs, listen to recordings between their employees and prospects, and view analytics in the dashboard. Other features include a setup wizard, text notifications, exit monitoring, intelligent routing, intelligent pop-ups, and automatic call retry.

Interested persons can visit the company’s website for further information and take advantage of the free trial being offered.