Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Facebook Traffic Generation Free Course Released

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( — April 30, 2020) — San Carlos, CA — Straight Arrow Marketing released an updated version of its popular Traffic Generation Club, a complete affiliate marketing traffic generation system that can be used for a variety of affiliate marketing and business promotion applications.

San Carlos, California online marketing agency Straight Arrow Marketing announced an update of its popular Traffic Generation Club. Designed as a practical affiliate marketing system for beginner affiliates, the training program is ideal for anyone looking for an effective way to make money online working from home during the current coronavirus crisis.

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The latest announcement aims to provide beginner affiliates and new online entrepreneurs with a simple and effective way to improve the success of their online campaigns.

As the current coronavirus crisis is leading to unprecedented economic measures, estimates predict that more than one billion workers could face major wage cuts or even job loss. Digital business opportunities are becoming increasingly popular as they offer high flexibility and convenience while allowing individuals to work from the comfort and safety of their home.

The Traffic Generation Club helps members set the right foundation for their affiliate or digital marketing business by finding reliable sources of traffic.

An important distinction covered in the training is that between traffic quality and quantity. Getting high-quality traffic can yield substantially higher ROI than simply aiming for massive volumes of traffic.

Other key aspects covered in the course include implementing creative Facebook marketing strategies, optimizing online traffic, and building a massive affiliate network.

Though primarily aimed at affiliate marketers looking to drive more traffic to their campaigns, the principles covered in the course can be applied just as effectively by any digital marketer or local business owner.

“Traditional marketing still holds value, but when it is paired effectively with digital marketing, that’s when a business is likely to take off”, said a company representative. “Digital tools are a cost-effective, readily available and reliable marketing method that businesses fail to utilize.”

“We understand digital marketing can seem daunting. Business owners understand the benefits but are unfamiliar with it. That’s why the Traffic Generation Club has been launched, to provide high quality teaching that reduces stress and provides real results for businesses of all sizes,” they added.

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