Equipment Rental Website Design Online Booking Platform Solution Launched

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( — May 2, 2020) — A website development company launches their custom website design services for equipment rental businesses interested in implementing an online booking, inventory, and customer management tools.

Custom websites provider Rides Rental Software launches their web design and development services for equipment rental businesses looking to streamline their operations. The company gives access to a long list of tools that offer a seamless experience for both the website owners and their customers.

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The newly launched services deliver websites custom-made according to the rental businesses’ branding requirements and specifications, but with all the standard features that one can expect of a booking website.

For customers, Rides Rental Software gives them access to an interface where they can see all the available equipment for rent and their corresponding prices. Made possible by the websites’ built-in scheduler, the booking tool also sends automated email confirmations upon making a reservation.

Website owners, on the other hand, can easily track all of their rental units, making day-to-day operations significantly easier. The websites’ inventory management system also allows effortless adding of new entries and editing of existing ones on the booking platform.

In addition, Rides Rental Software’s websites enable business owners to benefit from a centralized record of all their customer-inputted data. Having all this information on a single platform allows equipment providers to review rentals history per customer, among other things, giving opportunities for more targeted marketing and upselling.

As needed, the same platform can be used to upsell fuel, parts and accessories, and more that customers usually need along with the equipment they are interested in renting. Equipment insurance and other incentives can also be offered, serving as additional sources of income for the website owners.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the company’s equipment rental websites also boast employee management, social media, email, search engine optimization, and third party integration capabilities, along with other possible custom solutions.

Rides Rental Software also provides booking platforms for other industries, including motorcycle, scooter, car, truck, ATV/UTV, bicycle, golf cart, and boat rentals.

Businesses interested in the company’s services may visit the website above for more information.