The British Government Has Betrayed Its People

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( — April 30, 2020) — With this headline, there are many different ways to interpret it. After all, Britain has been through a lot of political turmoil in the past three years, not the least of which was Brexit, followed by Boris Johnson’s sweeping election. If you had money in any of these casino games, I hope it’s played out well for you.

Still, regardless of the current administration and the political climate and whatever other factors are relevant, there are some baseline expectations citizens expect their government to achieve. If the government is negligent in its duties, it is failing its citizens. And if the Government is actively avoiding doing what is expected of it, then it’s betraying its citizens.

That is why when the UK government has been bold-faced covering up the actions of literally thousands of child rapists, it has done no less than betray its citizens on all levels!

The Responsibilities of Government to its People 

Before I explain, let me return to those baseline expectations citizens have of their Government. First of all, they are not universal. Only a functioning democracy that understands that it is ultimately subservient to its citizens has these requirements. Otherwise, people are not living in a free society at all. (And being called Democratic doesn’t count- the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is not free, no matter what Rocket Man says).

In such a free society, the Government is responsible for its citizens’ rights. Those rights include, for instance, the right to be protected from harm. You have the right not to be stabbed by your neighbor and have your TV stolen. The Government protects that right with police and laws.

If the Government fails to protect your rights, it should be replaced- democratically, in 99% of cases, and via revolution if all else fails. America’s Second Amendment is written for that exact purpose- not for hunting or even self-defense.

Cover-ups, Lies, and Betrayal

Britain has a significant problem with child rapists. It will shock you to learn that nearly twenty thousand children are being raped every single year by thousands of men. You would think that this horrific fact would not only be front-page news, but it would also be one of the major priorities of the British Police Force.


“Why not?” You may ask.

Because the UK police don’t want to seem racist.

According to The Times, a senior police officer admitted that the police have been actively ignoring the sexual abuse of young girls because they didn’t want to, and I quote, “increase racial tensions.” That’s because the vast majority of the rapists (I would hazard a guess at over 90% of them) are Muslim men. But it’s impossible to know for sure. The UK government has been refusing to investigate and release information on this.

While no documented evidence has been released, multiple police officers and government officials have claimed that there was a memo from the Home Office to ignore these abuses and Grooming Gangs. The underaged girls apparently, “have made an informed choice about their sexual behavior, and therefore it is not for police officers to get involved in.”

Never mind the rumors that the girls are drugged and prostituted around the country…

Kier Starmer, the new head of Britain’s Labor party, used to be the Director of Public Prosecutions, and greenlight investigations into these Grooming Gangs… except that he promised the investigations would focus on the victims(!) and not the ethnicity of the perpetrators. Because THAT information, whatever it indicated, wouldn’t be relevant, now would it?

More recently (2018), the then Home Secretary Sajid Javad promised a proper and thorough investigation into these Grooming Gangs and specifically ordered research into the “characteristics and contexts” of these rapists. From The Independent and the BBC:

“Sajid Javid promised the review as home secretary in July 2018, pledging that there would be ‘no no-go areas of inquiry.’

“‘I will not let cultural or political sensitivities get in the way of understanding the problem and doing something about it,’ he said at the time.”

What has happened since then? Where is this report?

As it turns out, the Government did not like the results of its investigations. The Government responded to inquiries by saying that it was not in the “public interest” to release the report.


The government here is literally saying that it is not in the “public interest” of its citizens to know as much as possible about the pedophilic child rapists responsible for 19+ THOUSAND rapes and abuses of young, underage girls every year!

Is it any wonder that Americans cling so dearly to their second amendment?

A petition for the release of the Grooming Gang report has reached over 120,000 thousand signatures. This is enough to get an official response from the Government and to bring it to debate in Parliament. If you are a UK citizen and would like to contribute your voice to the petition, go here: