Sexual Crimes Defence Lawyer in Toronto

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( — May 1, 2020) —

When you get trapped in some crime that you did not commit, or when you feel like these allegations have been trumped on you, you assume that things will work out on their own. But the bitter truth is: no, they don’t.


Such sexual allegations are taken more seriously in case of minors and disabled people. If you simply assume that your good name will get cleared, you might end up facing many criminal penalties or charges. To avoid such incidents in life, one must focus on building a robust defence system for himself, which means hiring a sexual assault defence lawyer.


Go through the article to know why one should hire a sexual assault attorney in Toronto.


  1. You need legal expertise: one doesn’t know much about sexual assault case law, so you need someone with real expertise here. You never know what kind of arguments can help you exonerate your good name and have the charges dropped.


  1. You need careful case analysis: another reason of hiring a sexual assault attorney in Toronto is that you need someone who can analyse your case properly and study it from all possible angles to come up with the best course of action. You need a defence lawyer who also has the ability to review the prosecution’s case against you, or else there is no use of hiring such a defence lawyer.


  1.  You may be able to drop the charges: even if you are found absolutely innocent of the sexual crime, going on the trials for sex crimes regularly can easily sully your reputation. But sometimes, there are no alternatives. According to many incidents, sex crime cases can be dropped, especially if your sexual assault attorney  knows how the local courts work and who can make the right arguments on your behalf.


  1. You can have certain evidence thrown out: in cases where you are found guilty of the sex crime you might be able to throw out the evidence, based on which your case got weak. This can be done only when you have a prompt sexual assault lawyer. This can help you in dismantling your prosecution’s entire case against you.


  1. You may be able to reduce the charges: in cases where you have genuinely committed a sexual crime and are found guilty of the same, you need not bear the full weight of the law. In fact, one can often argue for the judge to reduce their charges. But again, this can be done only when you have a skilled and prompt sex crime defence lawyer.


Whether you have committed the alleged crime or not it is strongly advisable to consult with David Genis criminal lawyer right behind you to help you throughout the case. The potential consequences of such crimes are very harsh and serious and your good name might also come to ashes if you hire a defence lawyer who doesn’t have the required skills and who can’t study your case properly.