Productivity Coaching For Coronavirus Remote Work Efficiency Program Launched

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( — May 1, 2020) — A new productivity coaching program has been launched by The Clever Achiever. Designed to help professionals, CEOs and high achievers to succeed, it reduces procrastination and encourages daily action to master to-dos.

A new productivity coaching program has been launched for home-based workers looking to improve efficiency during the coronavirus crisis. The new program is designed to help entrepreneurs, remote workers, and staff working from home to get more work done and reduce procrastination.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in businesses asking staff to work from home where possible. In addition to this, entrepreneurs and professionals across the country are seeking ways to source side income with home-based projects.

More people are now working from home, however data shows that the pandemic is having an ongoing effect on productivity levels. Working from home has a number of advantages, but it can also be difficult for workers to focus when they are in control of their own time.

Distractions arise through family issues, the news stream, and everyday tasks. Without an office environment, many staff members struggle with time management, which leads to less work getting completed.

This is where the new coaching program from The Clever Achiever can help. The company offers high-performance and productivity advice for mission-driven business owners, and is now helping remote workers to manage their to-do list.

With personalized coaching packages, clients can cut unnecessary items from their to-do list to free up time. They can also design systems that allow them to maximize efficiency and gain control over their schedule and workload.

The Clever Achiever states: “Procrastination and overwhelm are problems that we’ve all experienced at some point or another. Even the CEOs of 8 or 9 figures companies have their bad days. But they have a certain mindset about procrastination that most people don’t know about. And that allows them to complete more projects in a year than most people will in 20 years.”

The aim of the coaching program is to encourage imperfect action. Instead of wasting time in a state of analysis paralysis, clients can implement what they already know to take daily action.

Productivity coaching can benefit entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, CEOs, leaders and high achievers. It helps clients to create the right system to manage their day and achieve their goals.

Benefits include increasing motivation, having more energy, mastering the to-do list, and simplifying day-to-day life.

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