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(Newswire.net — May 2, 2020) — The latest information about happiness has been released in an online publication. The report includes a daily happiness planner to track one’s progress to choose happiness.

The Cup Full of Happy, an Online Publication has released new information about the science of happiness. “Happiness is a Choice” is the title and theme of the report.

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This report about happiness is designed to help people understand the truth about happiness. With the present disruption of normal routines in every area of life, it is hoped that this report will encourage and empower many to choose happiness despite their circumstances.

The report suggests that individuals approach each day with a positive attitude. Research has found that a common misconception is that people can only be happy when everything in their life is perfect. They believe that a relationship, job, ring, country home, vacations, beauty products, wardrobe, or weight loss will bring happiness. The report states unequivocally that true happiness is not circumstantial but a choice.

It shares that self-love is the starting point of happiness. Self-love allows people to enjoy sustained contentment, beautiful relationships, financial freedom, purpose-driven work, happiness, and healing.

This report brings out truths about the choice of happiness. While genetics and environment do play a role in happiness it does not dictate one’s state of happiness. It maintains that through the majority of life, one has the power to choose happiness.

The report also shares that many people have the formula for happiness backward. Instead of success making one happy, the report declares that happiness is the key to true success. When a person chooses happiness they feel more energetic, confident, and optimistic. They actively seek out new opportunities and work harder to meet their goals.

Cate Vissell, the author of this report shares “I am a retired RN. I stayed at home after my second child was born, having worked for 10 years. I am in my mid-50s now, and I stay happy designing mugs, and spreading a bit of positivity in the world.”

It is hoped that the release of this report about happiness will be helpful to everyone wanting to attain happiness. The information about happiness is accompanied with a happiness planner that readers can use to track their choices of happiness on a daily basis.

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