6 Reasons Why Home Doctors Are Important

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(Newswire.net — May 4, 2020) — There are many reasons a home doctor can play a crucial part in health care, especially during a pandemic. For patients that need medical assistance away from a hospital setting, home doctors provide quality practice. Whether a clinic is too far or a patient needs care after-hours, home doctors can help treat a variety of health conditions. House call Doctor Brisbane can help patients receive care from the comfort of their own home.

What Is A Home Doctor?

A doctor that makes house calls can provide medical assistance when a clinic is closed or if a patient cannot visit the doctor. Many patients prefer house calls when seeing a doctor because it may feel more comfortable both physically and emotionally during medical care. This is especially true for older patients who may not be able to drive or are experiencing multiple conditions.

What Is The Difference Between A Home Doctor and Home-Based Health Care?

While the two terms may seem the same, there are a few crucial differences between home health care and an at-home doctor.

A home doctor can schedule appointments in the home for a specific reason or appointment time. The goal of a home doctor is to help a patient recover or to provide a health appointment that is after a clinic’s hours of operation.

Home-based health care is usually considered a longer-term care method where the patient may need intense care. Home-based medical care usually consists of several, on-going, regular visits, and may include nurses and equipment.

6 Benefits of Using A Home Doctor

Doctors that can perform house calls benefit a wide variety of patients.

1.) It works with busy schedules. For those who work long hours or night shifts, finding a clinic that is open may be difficult. It may be inconvenient to take time off from work to attend a doctor’s appointment.

2.) It helps those with children. If there are other responsibilities such as caring for children, visiting a clinic can be unrealistic. Having a trained medical professional come to the house during a time that is more convenient for the patient may mean the difference between receiving medical care or going without.

3.) It helps elderly patients. Older patients also greatly benefit from house calls. Many elderly patients may have conditions that make it unlikely to live with the same kind of independence they once had.

4.) Immobility is not an issue. Conditions that impact mobility can be especially tricky when trying to keep medical appointments. Medication side effects no longer prevent health care. With certain physical illnesses, medications may include side effects that can have a significant impact on vision, driving, or cognitive functioning.

5.) Keeps contamination to a minimum. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many clinics operate in different ways. While health protocols provide a certain amount of protection from patients and doctors, visiting a clinic for a minor health condition or simple appointment may be best done at home. A home doctor can cut down on the number of exposure patients have with one another. This is especially helpful for patients who are sick but do not have COVID-19 or a serious illness. By making house calls, a doctor can effectively treat the patient without exposing them to unnecessary elements.

6.) Patients with disabilities are also at risk of missing clinic appointments. There are many conditions that can make driving nearly impossible, if not irresponsible. There are many medication side effects that cause drowsiness and certain physical disabilities may make physical functioning on both sides of the body difficult. Having a home doctor that can make house calls, can eliminate the risk and inconvenience of visiting a clinic.

Are Home Doctors Trained the Same?

Home doctors have the same amount of medical training as doctors who do not make house calls. They are both licensed in exactly the same manner and are allowed to prescribe any medications necessary for treatment.

Many doctors from previous decades used to make regular house calls. This friendly type of medical care is often appreciated on an emotional level as well as a practical one. By receiving house calls, health care can be utilized in a quick and convenient way for the patient.


Home doctors are essential for those who need care outside the regular hours of a clinic. For sudden medical conditions where a patient cannot reach the clinic, house calls have been used for generations. A home doctor can help a patient feel comfortable while being attended to in a professional way.


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