Is Your Hearing Aid Not Perfect? Know Why

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( — May 4, 2020) —

Wearing hearing aid can indeed solve the problem of hearing loss to some great extent. That’s why you can visit the best hearing clinics & test centres in Edmonton  at any time. But, many of you often complain that the hearing aids they are using are not worthy enough and they are not getting enough benefit from it. Why does such a thing happen? Read on to know more-


Go to the Root Cause


There are several reasons for losing hearing and this problem can affect different parts of the ear, like the auditory nerve, middle ear, etc. Maximum problems appear in the middle and the inner ear while only 1% of hearing loss can happen due to the damage in the auditory nerve. if a person is suffering from hearing loss due to the damage in the middle ear section, that can be solved by medicines. But, if there is any problem at the inner eye and the affected person loses the hearing ability, a hearing aid can help him out by amplifying the sounds and delivering it to the portion of the inner ear where the sound is processed and then sent to the brain. This is difficult for someone to understand why he is suffering from hearing loss. Only an audiologist can figure out the problem and solve it by prescribing the right hearing aid to the patient.


Often, hearing loss can deliberate the problems with speech, because due to impaired hearing one gets a deceased signal to the brain and the brain fails to process those sounds to make the speech clear and prominent. When your brain receives unprocessed signals, it becomes difficult for it to figure out those and deliver the speech accordingly. 


How to Decide Which Hearing Aid Will Be Perfect for You?


Now you know that hearing loss can happen due to several reasons. So, you need to go through the proper hearing test to know which type of hearing aid will work for you. Then only you can get the maximum support from the particular hearing aid you are given. If the problem of hearing loss is detected at the first stage, one can get the maximum help from the hearing aid as they get to adjust with the amplification of sound which is done by the hearing aid.


Consulting an audiologist can help you to get the most suitable hearing aid that won’t create any fuss for you and also support you in listening well.