New E-Commerce Course For Beginners Course Launched

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( — May 6, 2020) — Webshop Mechanic has launched a new e-commerce course for aspiring entrepreneurs and beginner marketers. The course aims to provide e-commerce store owners with the right tools and strategies to become a successful online business.

A new beginner-friendly e-commerce course has been launched by e-commerce and digital marketing specialist, Webshop Mechanic. The course has been designed to help entrepreneurs learn proven e-commerce strategies quickly and easily, whilst avoiding common pitfalls. The course covers the primary focus points that can ensure a business owner has the best chance of success and can grow online sales and expand their customer base.

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Webshop Mechanic is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized e-commerce stores grow and attract more customers. The course aims to help e-commerce store owners scale through a variety of results-backed and proven strategies. In the course, Webshop Mechanic shares his experience and proven tactics used by some of the UK’s leading e-commerce brands.

Specific modules are aimed at teaching e-commerce store owners on how to grow customer-base by attracting the right type of customer. In addition to this, the course explains how to convert visitors into loyal customers, how to make products more desirable, how to increase conversion by building trust, and how to quickly upscale an online store.

This is not only to attract and keep customers and improve sales but also because of the fact that around 90% of e-commerce start-ups fail within the very first 120 days of starting (accordingly to Forbes). This means that 9 out of 10 start-ups will fail on average.

Common issues include store owners not understanding who their customer is and their motivations to buy, neglecting loyalty and focusing too much on price and spending money on advertising without a highly converting online store.

The Webshop Mechanic online e-commerce course is broken down into a structure set of lessons that guide store owners through a logical process of getting their business in shape and marketing in a more effective way. These lessons range from the basics of why so many e-commerce stores fail, how to stand out from the crowd and how to appeal to the right customers, to the strategy awareness and how to convert it into success, how to collect customer data, pricing strategies and sales strategies.

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