Health Authorities Time and Against Warn UTIs Could Lead to Severe Health Issues

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( — May 13, 2020) Orlando, FL — There are many people with urinary tract infections (UTIs) who are unable to get themselves treated. It is important to be warned that this could result in severe health complications.

According to experts, UTI recurrence is one of the complications from untreated or improperly treated infection. This is often observed in women with UTIs due to weak immune system and unhygienic practices.  

This type of infection could also lead to pyelonephritis, which pertains to kidney infections. It is a rare but severe health complication due to the fact that it produces permanent kidney damage. 

This happens when bacteria in the urinary tract cause UTIs to travel to the kidneys. When this happens, it leads to kidney infection that produces fever, back pain, or nausea. It is worth realizing that this can progress into permanent scarring or damage of the kidneys and even kidney failure.

Health authorities have also been strongly warning against sepsis, which is a life-threatening clinical condition due to untreated UTI. It is important to note that this condition is characterized by rapid breathing, chills, and increased heart rate.  

It is vital to resort to some measures found helpful in spotting the infection in its early stage and treating it.

Over decades, the use of antibiotics for UTIs has immense. However today, its frequent use or overuse is notoriously feared due to the side effects it causes, such as antibiotic resistance. 

Unfortunately today, there are many who end up misusing or unnecessarily using the medications and this dramatically increases their risk of antibiotic resistance. 

It is worth being warned that antibiotic resistance leads to more doctor visits, the need to use stronger, costlier drugs, and the increased risk of death due to bacterial infections.

Today, more and more people are looking for safer alternatives in increasing their protection against UTIs. The good news is that aside from antibiotics, there are therapeutic sugars like D-mannose found to be helpful. 

It is important to realize that this beneficial sugar has long been a popular subject of research due to its remarkable ability to fight the infection. More particularly, it has been found to aid in getting rid of the UTI-causing E.coli bacteria, which research has found to be responsible for around 90 percent of all UTIs. 

There have been quite a number of people who reported significant improvements in their UTI symptoms. An extra-strength formula called Purest Vantage D-mannose may be helpful in delivering the therapeutic goodness of this UTI-fighting remedy (


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