Experts Now Reveal the Tricks to Prevent Blood Sugar Going Out Of Whack

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( — May 13, 2020) Winnetka, IL — Diabetes is clearly one of the most prevalent chronic ailments today. Individuals with or without the condition are strongly advised to manage their blood sugar levels.

According to experts, there are habit changes scientifically found helpful in managing healthy blood sugar levels. 

Surprisingly, they include avoiding sunburns. It is important to realize that sunburns cause pain, which in turn triggers stress. Health authorities warn stress has the ability to increase blood sugar levels. 

Getting adequate sleep is also vital as well as making dietary improvements. These include avoiding intake of artificial sweeteners and caffeine as they can trigger high blood sugar levels.

Experts strongly recommend resorting to some dietary tricks in balancing blood sugar levels. However, it is worth realizing that there are also medicinal herbs like ashwagandha that could work wonders in achieving it.

In multiple research studies, ashwagandha has been assessed for its diabetes-fighting benefits. It is theorized to be beneficial against diabetes due to the phenolic compounds called flavonoids it contains. 

It is further worth mentioning that this natural remedy also has adaptogenic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-angiogenic agents, as well as tannins, potassium, nitrate, fatty acids and glucose. 

It also has immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, hypocholesteremic, and anti-malarial potentials.

Research has shown that these flavonoids contain hypoglycemic activities. This study involved diabetic rats achieving normal blood sugar through ashwagandha treatment.

An animal study was published in the Reports of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

In this study, the investigators had fructose-fed rats as subjects. The treatment of this natural remedy has been found to inhibit the fructose-induced increases in glucose, insulin resistance and inflammation. 

Scientists suggest that extracts of this natural remedy may be useful in enhancing insulin sensitivity and decreasing inflammatory markers in humans. 

In healthy human subjects, it has even been found to increase insulin sensitivity and such improvement was also observed in those with high blood sugar.

In a 2015 Iranian research, it worked wonders in normalizing blood sugar in hyperglycemic rats. This has been found to be due to its ability to decrease inflammation and enhance insulin sensitivity.

It is further worth noting that in an older study in humans suffering from mild type 2 diabetes, ashwagandha was able to reduce blood glucose similar to oral hypoglycemic medication.

The scientific community continues to investigate the diabetes-fighting, health-enhancing goodness of this natural remedy. However today, many people resort to its use for preventive health purposes.

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