The Developing World is Being Overlooked in the COVID-19 Fight

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( — May 7, 2020) — 

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every corner of the world. Even in the United States, millions of people have been infected and tens of thousands have already died. The figures are devastating; however, as the developed world looks inward at its own problems, there is one serious issue that is being overlooked. What is bad for the developed world is always disproportionately worse for companies that are still developing. The reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to irreparably damage the economies of countries that are already impoverished. While the stock market in the United States will take months to recover, the economies of smaller, developing nations will take years to recover. Recently the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) warned that nearly half of everyone in Africa could lose their jobs. For a continent that is already in strife, economic devastation could claim millions of lives.

For vast swaths of the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to leave scars that could last for decades. The reality is that this region of the world needs help from the developed world in order to prevent the strong gains they have made over the past two decades from being lost. The lost income in these countries could have massive social implications. Education, human rights, and food security all have the potential to become major problems. While resource shortages for hospitals are a problem in all parts of the world, they are going to completely overrun hospitals that are already underresourced. Up to 75 percent of people who live in countries that are still developing don’t even have clean soap and water. This problem towers over issues such as PPE and ventilators.

That is why it is important for people to donate to Borderless Allies. This is a nonprofit organization that provides critical global disaster relief support to those who need it most. The cargo routes to many developing countries have ceased to operate and the global logistical chain has ground to a halt. These countries are being neglected and they need the help of others. This is an organization that depends entirely on unpaid volunteers for support. Now more than ever, the people in overlooked parts of the world merit the attention of those who can afford to give. It is important for everyone to band together to help one another during this difficult time. A donation to Borderless Allies has the potential to save lives. Do not overlook the developing world.