The Importance of Keeping up With Local SEO During the Coronavirus

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( — May 12, 2020) — Even if your business is closed during the coronavirus, you should stay close to your client base as you wait for reopening.

Potential Clients Currently Spend More Time on the Internet

There might never have been a better time than during the lockdown to stay close to your local customers. After all, they are spending even more time on the internet than they normally do. And search engines are still the ones giving them the information, which means you need to keep up your local SEO. If you have been staying informed, you probably know that there is a new feature called Google My Business, which was implemented as a response to the crisis, for merchants to stay in communication with their clients during the COVID-19 days.

Linkbuilding is a practice every company needs to keep up throughout the whole year, if they want to remain on top of their fields and be seen on the internet. If someone doesn’t know your company exists, they will never be able to buy from it. By coming up in the first results on search pages, customers find you and can buy from you. There are companies handling linkbuilding services which you can use to keep a strong visibility. Just remember that once you start, you should never stop, unless you want to see your revenue stream reduced.

What is: Google My Business?

Through this new Google service, it is possible for companies to indicate their new schedule of opening or that they are closed during the confinement. Using Google’s service will not affect your SEO, since Google will know that this closure is only due to the crisis and therefore it is only temporary.

For shops that have many points of sales, it gives the opportunity for the head office to take over the various locations for the time being, so that there is no double information, if one of the stores forgets to indicate that they are closed at the moment. In crisis, the one thing you don’t want is to give out contradictory information to people. Adding confusion in a situation that already is, will just drive your clients away.

Precision through Categorization

Some businesses are currently only working in some capacities and not fully. For example, a restaurant might be closed to customers who want to dine-in, yet can still deliver food to their home. Through Google My Business, it is possible to select various categories so that the search engine can have the right information on which services are available and which are not.

The categories also help in providing help to the client to use your services. For example, a restaurant can choose the category “menu” and insert its menu where Google will be able to access it. For a hair salon or a doctor, the category “make an appointment” can be selected so that potential customers/patients can select a date and time. The more categories an establishment will choose will also mean the more visibility it will get from Google’s search engine.