In America, Even with the Confinement, the Coronavirus Is Still Spreading

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( — May 13, 2020) — The question Americans are asking is: If most people are staying at home, why is the coronavirus still gaining strength?

Lockdown or not, COVID-19 is still growing in the U.S. after Two Months

It is a simple fact: Even though most States have been on lockdown for more or less two months (depending on the State), the COVID-19 still continues to grow at a rate of 2 to 4% every day in the U.S. After all this time, Americans can’t wait to go back to work and start living normally again. After staying inside at all times, when not grocery shopping or doing their daily walk, they don’t know what to do with themselves anymore.

Many have started to redecorate the house. Those who have been working from home (and who might still do so once the health crisis has come and gone) have been adding a little touch, here and there, to make their environment more work friendly but also simply more joyful. Sometimes, it is not that easy getting work done with the whole family inside the house and the dog wanting to go for a walk. If you need tips on what to add inside your home office or for a more general review of the house, try this magazine in home enhancement.

What are the Reasons?

The United States of America is spread on a giant territory. Right now, places that were highly affected by the virus such as New York and New Jersey are seeing a decline in cases, but it is a completely different story in almost half of the States, including Illinois, Texas, New Hampshire and Alabama.

We can say that there are three principal reasons why the virus is still spreading. The first is how States have shut down or not, which today is seeing an increase in those that didn’t. There is a push from the top (read: President) to reopen as soon as possible, which is not encouraging people to stay home. And finally, part of it can be explained by the nature of the virus itself.

The Movement of Essential Workers

Although many Americans have locked themselves in their home, there are still many essential workers on the road which can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, markets and pharmacies. The COVID-19 is still moving around with these individuals and the one they meet during the day. Of course, if they catch it, they also bring it home with them, which can contaminate the family and those around them.

But the other problem is that some of them, when they fall sick, still continue to work. Their minimum wage pay doesn’t allow them the luxury of staying out of work, so they say nothing to no one and just go on as if nothing was wrong. That clearly augments the risk factor for everyone, including those that only go out to the supermarket. If they cross paths with one person who has COVID-19, it is highly probable they will also catch it and then pass it on.