Jazz up Your Bath and Kitchenette With Hexagon Floor Tiles

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(Newswire.net — May 19, 2020) — Again, we are here with a fresh update! Hexagon floor tiles are something that is on top of every architect and interior designer’s list. This favorable natural shape is a go-to choice for your kitchen, bathroom, wetroom, and even your feature walls.

Generally, they come in extra small, small, and medium sizes. Their super stylish honeycomb tiles come with V-shaped lines and multilateral chic. And how can we forget the vintage yet contemporary silhouette that always maintains the perfect balance between easy-going charm and show-stopping appearance?

So if you are onto designing or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen floor or walls, then you need to know that there are never-ending possibilities that you can implement. But simply don’t know where to begin? Just don’t worry, we have made it easier for you – here we have put together a few engaging ways to use those glossy and eccentric colored or black hexagon tiles.

Make it look more monochromatic

The foremost thing you can do is pick your most-favorite primary hue. And then adding different contrasting tones and tints to compose an appealing combination of monochromatic charm. Or you can go with something like Wooden Hornet, Silver Glossy, or Cosmic Blue tiles to crack the look. But make sure to take expert advice on how you can locate them in the best way. Only then can you achieve the look you desire for!

Add some Ombre effect

For the kitchen floor or even the backsplash area, you can bring some exciting movements. Use gradient color options to bring that unique look – like Hexagon Metal Tile or White Polished Stone Tile for an Ombre Effect.

Keep it light and vibrant

Never hesitate to experiment with color options as that can help you establish a bright yet soft look. For your happy place (we meant kitchen here), be expressive while mixing different options. Or you can even go with buying some sort of Mixed 3D Hexagon floor tiles in some primary shade like black, gray, or shimmery white. Else you can ask your vendor to share some design suggestions for creating a custom palette.

For the Conservatives

This unique look is for the minimalists who want their bathroom or kitchen not to lack in caliber. Try complimenting glossy white with some gray or black to create this distinctive look.

Craft a Statement Piece

You can add some punk to your bathroom floor by choosing some contrasting colors or black along with a white cornered base. Imagine a sunny-side-up on a white-hot plate! Sounds appealing, right? For instance, you can use black hexagon tiles in the center of your bathroom in some custom shape and keep the all-around space white. Admittedly, that will feature your bathroom in a chic way.

Wondering what makes them so exclusive?

Commonly, these tiles are made with Porcelain, which is sturdy and durable enough. As a result, they don’t break easily or get damaged, like Glass and Ceramics. The solid material has more of a matte effect and acts as a waterproof surface.

You can even find options with a glossy finish as well, the choice is yours. And that is the reason they are ideal for bathroom and kitchen space as they are the bustling areas in the entire house. In simple words, it is long-lasting, resists splashes, non-porous, and demands very low upkeep.

So what are you waiting for? Get started and turn your boring and dull spaces into something fresh, luxury, and modern with Hexagon floor tiles. And yes, don’t forget to take measurements with the help of a professional beforehand to buy the exact quantity. Last but not least, prefer buying it online as you get more variety, exceptional quality, reasonable value, superior customer service, and hassle-free buying experience.