6 Tips for Preparing For Your Fishing Trip This Summer

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(Newswire.net — May 21, 2020) — Fishing trips form part of the diverse ways people can connect during vacations and try something new. Fishing charters are a great avenue to explore but require one to prepare appropriately for the trip. Additionally, the Coronavirus pandemic further complicates fishing trips. Therefore, adventurers must follow tips tailored for the best experience possible while also maintaining safety during this pandemic.

Covid-19 Safety Kit and CDC Guidelines

Fishing is an outdoor activity and thus, currently requires people to proceed with caution. People on fishing trips should follow the guidelines given by the state, the federal government and the CDC on Covid-19 spread. Fishers and anglers should maintain a distance of six feet at all times, wear masks, carry sanitizers with a minimum alcohol concentration of 60% and avoid touching other people’s fishing equipment. Moreover, use of disposable gloves, alcohol-based wipes to clean fishing rods, sanitization of the boats, and washing hands for at least 20 seconds is advisable.

Weather Preparation

The weather is unpredictable during fishing trips, and one must prepare for the diverse elements. During the summer, the sun is expected to be hot, but occasional raining or change in the weather must be covered. Therefore, one should carry plenty of water, a hat, sunglasses, sunblock and lightweight pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Individuals should prepare for a change in the weather by packing a jacket or a hooded sweater.

Sunglasses that are polarized allows individuals to reduce the penetration of bright rays of the sun during the summer. Furthermore, these high-quality sunglasses will enable one to see into the water body with ease. Sunblock before boarding the board is advisable because it decreases the chances of sunburns and developing skin cancer in the future.

Meals and Medication Planning

Fishing trips require individuals to have a plan on what to eat apart from the fish they plan to catch. Carrying snacks or eating heavily before leaving for the fishing trip is essential. Additionally, First-timers should take medication for seasickness. Getting a prescription of a doctor for motion sickness is critical in ensuring that an individual enjoys the fishing trip.

Protective Shoes and Wading Accessories

During fishing trips, one should wear footwear that covers the entire foot outside the boat. Proper shoes outside the boat protect individuals on fishing trips from stepping on hooks on the ground. Moreover, adequate wading accessories inside the boat protect on from sharp shells, rusty metal, rays, and broken glass. Flat booties are an example of a wader perfect for the summer weather and ensure comfort during the fishing trip.

Licenses and Navigation

Obtaining a license for fishing is mandatory. However, the process nowadays, it is more straightforward with most of the manual processes digitized. In the past, one had the task of locating shops that provided the license. Currently, application for a permit is faster and more convenient with online applications by finding the state of the location one plans to do fishing.

Navigation and prior familiarization of the water body to plan for vegetation, water depth, insects hatching, and landmarks is essential. Familiarization and knowledge of the water body inform one of the types of fish and locations where fish can be found in plenty. Tapping the secrets for the water body, one plans to go fishing enables the best fishing outcome and experience. Anglers and people carrying fishing can use both GPS in mobile phones and charts for navigation in the water body.

Fishing Gear

The essential fishing gear include reels, bait and rods. One should carry extra rods, spools of line, tackle, reels and extra fuel for a powerboat. For those planning to fish deeper into the water body, down-riggers are recommended since they keep the line in place. One should carry materials to clean the boat, remove water and tools to seal any breakages.

Here’s a compilation of the best gear for fishing.

Additionally, individuals should bring coolers to carry their catch home. Cleaning materials for refrigerators should be present to reduce the odor and remove the mess after a catch. Cleaning materials apart from those prescribed for Covid-19 include baking soda. Preparations for fishing trips call for individuals to have first aid kits with pliers, scissors, wire cutters and gloves.