How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

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( — May 21, 2020) —

Summer is coming, and the temperatures are rising. Finding ways to keep your house cool without ramping up your AC will not only make  your summer more comfortable, but will also save you some money on your bills. 


1. Reduce/Reflect Sunlight


Installing blinds, shades, or shutters to limit the light coming into your home. This is a cost effective way to keep your house cool. The blinds and shades do a great job of limiting light in the home and don’t cost a ton of money to install. You can install them in all of the windows throughout the house or just a few that let in the most light.


2. Get a dehumidifier


In many parts of the country, humidity can be a real pain. To combat this, purchase a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will dry out the air in your house, making it feel less muggy and hot.


3. Turn off the lights


This one is pretty simple but if you are in a room where you really don’t need the lights, it is best to turn them off. Not only will this save on your light bill, this will also create a cooler home. Whether you are watching a movie with the family or playing video games with the boys, this step will be really effective.


4. Keeping your doors closed


Make sure that doors are not left open to the outside. This lets any cold air escape your home. If they are, close them immediately and work to get that hot air out of the house.


5. Try not to cook inside


Obviously cooking in the house will heat up your home. Instead, try grilling outside. Have the family over for a backyard barbeque! If you can’t cook outside, try cooking at the coolest times of the day. Good times would be early in the morning and late at night.


6. Keep windows open at both sides of the house


The reason why this step works is that it constantly keeps air circulating throughout the whole house. This is also known as cross ventilation. If you have two fans, give it a try and see how it works for you!


7. Have fans spin on counterclockwise


By having the fans on the ceiling spin counterclockwise, you will be pushing the warm air away from the room.


8. Use a clothesline


Instead of using a dryer to dry your clothes, use a clothesline. It is way more environmentally friendly than a dryer and doesn’t take up power to heat your home. Plus, you will save money on your energy bill and your clothes will last longer. In the end, this is a safe and easy option to implement, especially for environmentalists.


9. Leave windows open at night


Temperatures are usually lower at night. Leaving your windows open at night is a great way to bring in some cool air. Open the window but keep the screen on to prevent bugs from getting in your house.  If you live in a two-story house, open the upper-level windows instead. If not, open them at night and then shut them right when you are about to go to sleep. Only follow this tip if you feel comfortable and safe to do it. 


10. Give your house some shade


As you can tell, planting trees isn’t immediate and really isn’t the most effective, but it does give you shade. If you are living in a residence that you will own for years and the house just doesn’t get enough shade, planting trees can be a good idea. If it is just the sun and not the humidity that is warming your house, this could be a great step!


All in all, these are all great steps that you can implement to cool your house down in the hot summer months. Rather than implementing a good amount of these, you can  just implement the few that work best for you. Cooling down your house not only gives you a better environment but it also cuts down on your expenses.