Five Ideas for Exceptional Wedding Invitations That You Can Create on Your Own

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( — May 22, 2020) — Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that shall be nothing but perfection. Before the big day, comes the task of creating the guest list and sending out invites. Most couples across the globe struggle while selecting a design for their wedding invitation cards and electronic posters. Circumventing the usuals, we suggest that it’s time you do something extraordinary. Create your own wedding invitation using the most user-friendly apps on the internet today. It is now extremely simple to create video cards and e-invites within minutes. Add some more shimmer into your wedding day with the money you will be saving on graphic designers by making your own wedding invitations.

Most widely used apps and websites for invitation making

Before we get to the creation part, lets first find out the most suitable apps for the making of your wedding invitation. These applications are available on the google play store. You can browse through a diverse range of invitation creators before settling for one. To make your work easy, here are five popular applications that you can use for the making of a striking wedding invitation.

  1. Designer’s wedding and birthday invitation maker

  2. Canva E-invitation maker

  3. Wedding card Maker

  4. Invitations Card Maker

  5. Cruise Infotech’s wedding invitation maker

Seek inspiration from Pinterest

With a massive range of invitation templates, you can structure your very own invitations by customizing and making alterations through the applications. If you’re still vague about what kind of wedding invitation you’d like, you could seek inspiration from Pinterest. With over a hundred extraordinary ideas for wedding card designs and templates, you can further enhance the creative factor of your invitations. 

Fives DIY ideas to create perfect wedding invitations.

  1. GIFS/Video cards

Ditch the age-old posters and create something trendy for the big day. With the help of technologically advanced applications, it is now possible for anyone to create professional video cards for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and weddings. With the power of videos, you can put life into your invitations. Drag and drop the most adorable video of yourself and the better half on the timeline of the application. You can then customize the size and duration of the video. If your video is anything shorter than ten seconds, it will be converted into a GIF automatically. The GIFS work as boomerangs and are equally awe-striking.  

  1. Slideshows

You can create a beautiful compilation of your images and videos and simply convert it into a slideshow. This is a mesmerizing way of maintaining a virtual album of your memories. You can also add texts in one or multiple frames. Make sure to limit your textual content so that the video doesn’t look very wordy. After you have made the required alterations, you can add a soothing piece of background music into the video and your video is ready to be rendered and shared. You can also learn how to make a youtube intro and then create a petite introduction for all your invitees that play at the end or very beginning of the invitation video. 

  1. Static picture invites

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Express your love through a picture invite. This type of wedding invitation is the easiest to create. You can use intuitive and user-friendly applications like Canva to make beautiful wedding invitations. All you have to do is upload the image from your device into the application and then add various elements and texts into the image. You can also customize the font, size, and borders to be used in the image invitation. 

  1. Mandala cards 

The highly cultural and traditional cards have mesmerizing mandala designs on them. These can be drawn virtually by invitation creators or you could also try your hand on the simple yet elegant mandala design. This wedding invitation template looks gorgeous on posters and cards. If you do not wish to use images and choose to keep it simple and sophisticated, Mandala is the way to go. You can add patches of the design in various corners of the card and then add names as well.

  1. Scenic Invites

If you do not wish to create anything elaborate, you can simply make your video invitation visually appealing by adding images and footage of exotic locations across the globe in the comfort of your house. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or are looking forward to having a destination wedding, Scenic invites are the way to go. Various online platforms like Shutterstock and iStock purvey high-quality images of the most astounding cities and locations around the world. The various invitation creators available online can stitch all the footage together for you to create a mesmerizing video invite for your wedding.  

With the power of videos and images, you can celebrate love in the most creative ways. Create the best of wedding invitations on technologically-advanced applications economically and with minimal efforts.