Summer Safety Tips for Active Kids

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( — May 23, 2020) —

With summer around the corner, it’s time to begin preparing for sunny skies, warm weather, and kids having fun. Whether you’re a parent working from home or in the office, it’s important to teach your children how to be safe during summer break. Summer health tips are essential for children of every age group. Following these five safety tips can be the difference between a summer adventure and a trip to the hospital.


1. Practice Water Safety


Warm temperatures and water activities go hand-in-hand. Drowning, however, is one of the main causes of death among children aged one to four. Be sure to always have adult supervision for your children while in or around water. This is essential whether or not your children can swim. It’s also wise to teach your children to swim or get lessons.


In addition to swimming lessons and supervision, make sure the adults present during water activities know CPR. CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a combination of artificial ventilation and chest compressions used when a victim stops breathing. This technique preserves them until emergency help arrives.


2. Carry a First Aid Kits


Summer is the season for bike riding, running, and going to the park. All of these leave children vulnerable to scrapes, cuts, and bruises. One of the best tools you can carry is a first aid kit. Whether your child falls, gets burned, or experiences an allergic reaction, your first aid kit will save the day.


3. Never Leave Children in Vehicles Unattended


With nearly 40 child hot car-related deaths every year, it’s important to never leave your child in a vehicle unattended. A car’s interior typically heats quickly, regardless of outside temperature. Therefore, it’s advised to bring your children in with you while you run errands.


4. Familiarize Yourself with Poisonous Materials


When a child is having fun, the last thing on their mind is “How can I avoid poisoning myself today?” Although the thought doesn’t cross their mind, it should be on yours. For one, warmer climates attract harmful insects like bees and mosquitos. Some of these bites can be poisonous, especially for children with insect allergies.


If the bug bites aren’t scary enough, the chemical-filled bug repellents we use also cause reactions. Leaving these sprays unattended can be dangerous if kids inhale or ingest it. If possible, try finding a natural bug repellent that’s non-toxic.


If you plan on barbecuing or attending cookouts, there’s one more poisoning you must avoid: food poisoning. For one, if your kids play and then eat without washing their hands, it raises their risk of ingesting bacteria and other waste. They can also get sick from cross-contamination, unwashed utensils, and undercooked meals. Be diligent and thoroughly check food temperatures as well as make sure food is properly stored to avoid food poisoning. It’s wise to brush up on FDA temperature regulations and poisoning symptoms.


5. Stay Hydrated


One of the most important rules of summer safety is to stay hydrated. Your children already lose more sweat during summer months, and activities raise dehydration risk. Have them pack a water bottle, cut open a watermelon, or offer them juice bars to avoid dehydration. If possible, set a hydration timer to ensure they don’t overheat.

Summer is a child’s paradise. The best way for them, and you, to enjoy the summer in peace is practicing safety. If possible, inquire with neighbors about organized road safety. Following these safety tips ensures your kids make it home and do it again the next day.