Historical Western Romance Audiobook The Reckless Doctors Bride Launched

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(Newswire.net — May 26, 2020) — The second Montana Westward Brides book, The Reckless Doctor’s Bride, has been launched as an audiobook on both Apple and Audible and transports listeners to rural Montana.

The second book in the Montana Westward Brides series written by Amelia Rose has been launched as an audiobook download. The Reckless Doctor’s Bride transports listeners to rural Montana and is full of intrigue.

Download the book via Apple here.

The newly launched audiobook has been released by the Beldene Group, a London-based publishing house that specializes in Western and Romance novels.

The Reckless Doctor’s Bride, which is the second Montana Westward Brides book, focuses on unlucky Irish beauty Lucy Magee and Dr Sam Slater. Lucy is a mail-order bride destined for a new life in Montana in the hope her luck will change.

As soon as Dr Slater meets Lucy, he knows it is love at first sight. But tragedy strikes while they are on their first date. A series of unfortunate events proceed including anonymous threats from someone trying to get them to move from their land.

The book is full of suspense and intrigue as the couple try to figure out where the anonymous threats are coming from, and Lucy questions whether her bad luck has followed her all the way from Ireland.

This is a tale full of suspense, mystery, and intrigue, and leaves the reader or listener wondering if love will prevail. Apart from Apple, the book is available to download from Audible by clicking here.

Historical western romances and historical fiction novels are growing in popularity, particularly as eBook and audiobook versions continue to be released. Audiobooks are ideal for people who have long commutes and want to catch up on their reading goal instead of listening to the radio.

Additionally, audiobooks provide a different dimension to traditional reading, allowing the listener to multitask without having to stop to pick up a physical book or e-reader. Many books are read by voices that add personality to the book, with some readers changing voices for each character.

A company spokesperson said: “We’re delighted to be bringing The Reckless Doctor’s Bride to both Audible and Apple. Audiobooks provide our readers with a different kind of escapism – they don’t have to stop what they are doing, they can be transported to rural Montana while stuck in traffic on their daily commute or jogging around the park.”

To download the audiobook, interested parties are invited to visit the links provided.