Atlanta Best Monitored Home Security Doorbell Video Camera Installation Launched

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( — May 27, 2020) — Southern Sats, AT — Southern Sats, Atlanta’s leading supplier of cutting-edge home security systems, has launched a new monitored video package campaign. New customers will be able to choose a smart video doorbell or an HD indoor camera free of charge.

Southern Sats, the Atlanta-based home security system provider, has launched a new limited-time home protection campaign. Homeowners receive a cutting-edge home doorbell camera with every Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras monitored video package.

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Every Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras protection package is based on cameras that link to a mobile device and can be checked at any time. They come with the added security of wireless technology to ensure total reliability that continues to work even when the power lines are down.

Southern Sats is the nation’s leading provider of high-tech wireless smart home security systems. They are now the exclusive supplier of the highly rated Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras systems.

Their consultants are all thoroughly trained on the latest technology and provide a trusted service personalized to the needs of every home. From evaluating each property’s needs to installing the system and showing customers how easy it is to use, they guarantee a more secure home.

Southern Sats offer a range of plans to suit every budget. Their Traditional Plan offers all the essentials, including burglar alarms, cellular connections, and the option of a two-way connection. This can be upgraded to include Life Safety. These features help protect the home from life’s unexpected hazards including fire or smoke, temperature, flood, and carbon monoxide.

The Remote Plan extends the protection to provide remote activation through the app for peace of mind wherever the owner may be. The Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras monitored plan provides further enhancement of access to their remote web and mobile security together with email and text updates. Finally their premium package combines video and automation for complete home protection.

Now customers can get a free doorbell camera or HD interior camera with their installation. The Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras smart video doorbell allows homeowners to answer their door from anywhere and be able to see, talk and hear visitors and answer them directly from their smart phone. The offer includes cloud storage of any video recorded.

The Wireless Smart Home Security Systems With Cameras HD indoor camera allows homeowners to stay connected with their property even when they are away. The device can supply video feed direct to a smart device at any time and can be easily set up to provide video alerts.

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