Funeral Ideas to Celebrate the Life of Your Lost Loved One

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( — May 27, 2020) — Losing a loved one is a tough situation to deal with, and planning a funeral for them can be very difficult. One has to make a lot of choices while planning a funeral memorial service.

There is so much to do. From deciding on the type of funeral to what music to play, and the location of the wake.

If you are planning a funeral in the loving memory of your lost loved one or thinking ahead for your own, here are a few ideas to arrange the best funeral.

Play Their Favorite Music

Do not feel confused about playing non-traditional music. Many places of worship will allow you to play the favorite music of the deceased. Create a playlist of the songs they loved and play the same in the wake.

In case you are thinking about how your funeral would be like, you can create a playlist for the same too.

Create A Photo Display Board

Funeral photo display boards are one of the best ways to share the memory of the deceased. Go through your phone and find all their photos. Get all the images printed and create a collage on the display board. You may also mention the date on which the photo was taken if you remember one.

Write A Note In Their Memory

You can write a note about the deceased’s life and the relationship you shared with them. This can be a sweet gesture to remember them. You can also come up with the funeral memorial cards and hand them over to all the attendees. You can use their picture on the card and talk a little about them.

Bid Goodbye With Fireworks

Some people like to celebrate the life of their lost one, and you may also do the same. Sending your loved one off with a fireworks display is an incredible way to pay tribute to their life. Some companies offer ash scattering firework service, and you may get the ashes incorporated into the fireworks.

Create A Memory Tree

You can ask the mourners to share their best memory of the deceased, and memory trees are the best way to do that. All you have to do is place the branches in a vase with colorful labels on them. Ask the attendees to write their best memory and hang the same on the branches.

By the end of the service, you will have so many memories of the loved one, and you may also save them in a little photo album.

A Storytelling Session

The person for whom you are having a funeral might have touched lives in many ways. You may arrange a storytelling session and ask the guests to talk about how the deceased touched their lives. Lengthy or brief, sad, or funny, each story will add a little meaning to the ceremony. The best thing about having a storytelling session is that you might learn something new about a life that is gone.

Coffin Signing

This one is very simple yet interesting. All you have to do is make sure that you bury your loved one in a white coffin. Ask the guests to sign the coffin with their names and maybe a short memory or message.

Give Away Books To Guests

If the deceased was a bookworm, you might be having a little library of them. You can give their books to the attendees, and people will have a moment to share their memory for a lifetime.

Personalize The Order Of Service

The order of service is handed over to the guests at every funeral. Usually, they are dull and boring. However, you get an opportunity to personalize them. Create a collage on the cover page and add a caption to each photo. You may also make it colorful and talk a little about the deceased’s life.

Wrapping It Up

Deaths are harsh, but one of the most significant truths of life. However, times have changed, and people like to celebrate the life of their loved one by arranging the best funeral service. If you are looking forward to arranging a funeral, these ideas might help you arrange the best one.