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(Newswire.net — May 29, 2020) — PrimalThenics has released a new elite rugby fitness challenge video through its app and YouTube channel. The new challenge features 7 scored 1-minute rounds of high-intensity bodyweight conditioning exercises and a competitive scoring system.

Online fitness training studio PrimalThenics announced the release of a new elite rugby fitness challenge video on its home bodyweight training app. The movement conditioning challenge has been developed by founder Chris Miller based on his experience training with several top Australian 7’s rugby players.

More information about PrimalThenics is available at https://primalthenics.com/home

The new PrimalThenics elite fitness challenge video features seven 1-minute rounds with 5 rounds that set specific rep targets. The video features coach Chris Miller demonstrating each exercise with proper form followed by a full run-through of the workout.

The elite rugby fitness challenge combines the fundamentals of movement conditioning from PrimalThenics with the training routines of professional athletes and sports stars. The challenge features high-intensity exercises such as kick throughs, push-ups, burpees, fast feet, and clap push-ups. The workout includes torso twists and crazy gorillas as a finisher.

The challenge video demonstration is available on the PrimalThenics bodyweight conditioning workout app and uses a scoring system where additional reps are worth bonus points. The app offers exercises for beginners, intermediate, fitness experts, and professional athletes.

The PrimalThenics app features a library of more than 5,500 workouts for cardio, strength, and mobility with new workouts added every week. The rugby sevens training routine is designed to improve movement and mobility and to test the limits of an individual’s fitness pyramid.

The new bodyweight fitness challenge video is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSDy-0OuIis

According to a spokesperson for PrimalThenics, “We are delighted to showcase the new elite rugby sevens fitness challenge on our app and YouTube channel. The challenge is a unique way to experience the intensity of mobility and strength training that elite athletes use through a competitive and demanding routine.”

PrimalThenics is a bodyweight strength and mobility training system developed by professional fitness coach Chris Miller. Basic and premium fitness content is available through the PrimalThenics app on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information about participating in the challenge, download the PrimalThenics app or visit the URL above.