London Locksmith Business Burglary Protection Emergency Services Released

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( — May 28, 2020) — London, UK — Fox Locksmiths updated its services to provide cutting-edge burglary protection for businesses interested in minimising the risk of property crime. The company serves clients in Central London, the Greater London area and across several UK cities.

London locksmith company Fox Locksmiths released a fully updated range of commercial services for business owners looking to protect their properties against potential break-ins. The announcement comes as more and more businesses are implementing remote work policies, leaving offices under-occupied and at a higher risk of burglary.

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The newly updated services have been designed as a comprehensive package that includes a wide range of access control and secured lock features. The company’s technicians are fully equipped to provide business owners with advanced levels of protection against all types of potential break-ins – an increased risk during the volatile current economic climate.

The higher proportion of employees working from home have left many commercial businesses under-occupied. Coupled with increased rates of homelessness and unemployment, the situation has led to widespread concern over a possible surge in property crimes in the near future.

West Midland’s police commissioner David James said: “I fear that we may be facing a summer crime wave. Young men out of work, venues reopening and large groups congregating is a toxic mix for crime.”

Fox Locksmiths offers bespoke locksmith solutions to help business owners secure their properties and eliminate the risk of potential burglaries.

The company is also available for all types of lockout emergencies, its staff working 24/7 to provide home, business and auto emergency locksmith services. Call 0203 095 4669 for emergency locksmith services in London.

To ensure complete safety and adhere to the latest WHO regulations, all locksmiths wear protective equipment, maintain high standards of hygiene, and follow the recommended social distancing guidelines both indoors and outdoors. Card payments are accepted for all services.

With the latest update, Fox Locksmiths continues to expand its range of high-quality services for clients in Central London, throughout the Greater London area and across several UK cities.

The company has more than 25 years of experience providing professional residential and commercial locksmith services.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.