Windsor ON Digital Marketing Expert Agency Mobile Responsive Website Launched

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( — May 29, 2020) — Windsor, ON — Windsor, Ontario-based digital marketing firm A/B Agency has launched a new modern website that reflects the company’s digital marketing capabilities.

A/B Agency, a digital marketing agency based in Windsor, Ontario, has launched a newly designed and expanded website that features a modern design and a more user-friendly interface for customers.

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The company’s new website sports a modern minimalist design, featuring lots of negative spaces that help draw in the user’s to the elements within the spaces, large vivid images, and simplified navigation.

More than an engaging facelift, the new site illustrates the company’s four-step process more clearly through animated buttons that users can interact with.

The website is also mobile-responsive, meaning that the website automatically adjusts its size, layout, and proportions when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

According to A/B Agency’s general manager Jeff Bulzak, the website was redesigned to make the company’s services and capabilities more understandable to users. “Engaging web design is essential if you want potential customers to stay and spend time on your content,” he said.

In Adobe’s State of Content, content must be well-designed and easy to consume or producers risk losing their audience. Moreover, it reported that seven in 10 said that content must display well on their device and that an unattractive layout or imagery will make users give up on content altogether.

“As a digital marketing agency, clients hold us to a higher standard when it comes to digital practices like design and user interface,” Mr. Bulzak said. “This means that we should always be at the cutting edge of web design as clients—particularly small businesses—look to us as an example.”

Mr. Bulzak said that A/B Agency’s adherence to effective digital marketing practices has resulted in business success for its clients. For example, the company was able to increase the total leads of Canada Benefit Group by 600% and the leads of Windsor-based CanAm Currency Exchange by 50% in only three months.

A/B Agency offers a broad range of digital marketing services, depending on the client’s needs, including Google Ads, search engine optimization, organic social media, email marketing automation, website optimization, and consulting.

More details about A/B Agency’s digital marketing services can be found at the URL above.