Nest Bedding, Inc: A Top Ranked Mattress Company

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( — May 28, 2020) —

Nest Bedding, Inc. specializes in furniture products of all kinds. Headquartered in the snug town of Chico in northern California, Nest Bedding, Inc. has a staff of 50 team members. Nest bedding Inc. commenced operations in 2011. 

Nest’s strong suit is supplying consumers with an array of incredible choices when it comes to contemporary mattress and bedding products. Types of mattresses include their Signature Series and Signature Hybrid offerings as well as Natural Hybrid Latex, “Love & Sleep,” Certified Organic Hybrid Latex, and Natural & Organic choices. Nest Bedding employees assist shoppers through the in-depth mattress selection process to guarantee they find the perfect fit for you and your home. 

Bedding items include “Easy Breather” or natural pillows and pillow covers, duvets, sheet sets, blankets, comforters, cooling toppers, pillow protectors, and mattress protectors. Nest Bedding, Inc. is known for its specialized product that safeguards against stains and spills of all kinds. The company presents people with a fine array of choices in platforms, bed frames, and nightstands specifically metal foundations and power bases. Even better, Nest Bedding offers organic sheets.

Nest Bedding, Inc. allows customers a trial period of 100 nights in total. If a shopper isn’t satisfied with a mattress within that time span, he or she can return or exchange it without any questions asked. Nest Bedding has one of the most robust exchange programs in the industry. Decreasing waste and saving the consumer money is at the heart of Nest Bedding’s production.

A Nest Bedding, Inc. warranty is forever.

Nest Bedding, Inc. has a number of showrooms throughout the United States including space in New York City, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin, Texas, Denver, Seattle, and in several other cities in California like Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, and Albany. 

Many Nest Bedding products are suitable for babies, pets, and children. Nest presents consumers choices in pillows designed for children, crib mattresses, beds for your pet, and many other sleep accessories. Nest Bedding, Inc is a family-run company and has a strong track record with customers utilizing a showstopping customer service approach.