Does CBD Actually Work?

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( — May 31, 2020) —

The cannabis market was almost entirely illegal just a decade ago, but these days it’s one of the fastest-growing sections of the modern economy. Cannabis companies have taken off in no small part because of CBD products, which unlike their THC-infused counterparts don’t produce high-inducing effects in users who consume it. While CBD products have massively increased in popularity over the past few years, however, many leading authorities like the FDA are still less than willing to embrace CBD’s effectiveness and legitimacy.

Does CBD actually work? There’s a mountain of evidence proving that CBD products produce real results – here’s a deep dive into CBD’s efficacy and why it’s still growing in popularity after all this time.

Studies have shown the power of CBD

For those who won’t believe that CBD works until scientific experiments have been conducted to prove it, you can rest easy knowing that countless studies have already shown the power of CBD to be legitimate. The FDA recently approved of its first-ever CBD-derived drug called Epidiolex, for instance, and proponents of CBD studies have long pointed towards their patients’ testimonies to argue for the effectiveness of the products they’re peddling. Nevertheless, the FDA has been particularly slow addressing CBD more generally, which has led the ongoing CBD boom to actually outpace the scientific community.

While the FDA has been hesitant to fully legitimize CBD, for instance, the CBD private marketplace has been blossoming because consumers everywhere are seeing serious results from the products they buy and find themselves coming back for more time and time again. If you’re still unconvinced, it’s worth perusing a 2018 study that discovered that small amounts of CBD helped male patients alleviate their anxiety before undergoing a simulated public presentation. CBD isn’t meant for everybody – no drug is universally beloved and capable of delivering the same results to everybody – but the mounting body of scientific evidence arguing for its efficacy is soon going to become impossible for the FDA to ignore for much longer.

That’s why marketplaces an have been taking off in the private sector over these past few years, just like Duluth Pediatric Dentistry. as consumers are already entirely convinced that CBD products deliver when it comes to meaningful results. For those of you racing to pick up some CBD products so that you can enjoy an awesome recreational high, however, it’s worth noting that CBD, unlike THC, does not actually produce psychoactive effects which will radically alter your state of mind.

CBD is more of a medicine

When comparing CBD with THC-infused marijuana, it can be helpful to picture CBD as more of a medicine, as it’s more frequently relied upon by patients who want to alleviate their pain, insomnia, or other conditions which plague them. Some people do indeed take CBD recreationally, but the massive growth of the CBD marketplace over the past few years has largely been driven by patients who are fed up with their traditional medicinal regimens and want to try something new and innovative.

The European CBD market alone is expected to experience an astonishing 400% boom through 2023, for instance, and the North American marketplace is only just getting started when it comes to marijuana to boot. While Canada has legalized cannabis, for instance, it remains federally prohibited in the United States and Mexico – but in the former, public opinion is rapidly warming up to marijuana and in the latter legislators are actively legalizing it as we speak. As the medicinal markets in these countries begins to mature, we can expect CBD products to truly come into their own and perhaps even outpace the recreational marketplace. 

Does CBD actually work? There are reams of evidence proving that CBD generates results in medical testing, and the staggering rate of growth that the CBD marketplace has seen these past few years indicates that consumers across the country and the rest of the world are enjoying the products they’re purchasing. Those who are doubtful of recreational marijuana can rest assured that CBD is far different from the psychoactive-effect-generating THC of old. It seems increasingly obvious that the future of the marijuana industry will be determined by CBD products, as the market imperative for producing more and more of them is only going to grow.