How eCommerce Businesses Can Engage New Customers

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( — June 1, 2020) —

Entrepreneurs are being forced to pivot to eCommerce business models in order to remain afloat during these trying times, but some are finding it far easier than others to succeed in the world of online shopping. If your business lacks technical expertise or possesses no familiarity with eCommerce operations whatsoever, you can still take steps to pivot to a digital medium to ensure your financial future. You just need to do your homework ahead of time to guarantee that you know what common mistakes to look out for and which marketing tactics to rely upon.

Here’s how eCommerce businesses can engage new customers in this era of digital shopping, and why beautifying your web presence is of the utmost importance.

Know how to attract customers

The only surefire way to engage new customers is to guarantee that your eCommerce operation is capable of attracting regular customers, period. That necessitates a stellar web presence that proves to shoppers that your business is worth spending their time and money on. If you don’t already have a personal website and a few social media pages, make that your first priority, as it’s effectively impossible to succeed in the world of eCommerce as a business if you rely on somebody else’s platform or website to get the word out. 

The secret tips to attracting customers to your store’s website once it is up and running include making it as beautiful and easy to navigate as is possible. Aesthetically-pleasing websites can be expensive and time-consuming to create, but they’re nevertheless of the utmost importance if you don’t want to turn customers away in droves. After all, if your website is ugly, doesn’t that infer that your products or services will also be lackluster and low-effort? Hiring a web designer may not be financially desirable, but in the long-term it will yield far greater results than if you or another amateur without web skills try to establish a web presence from scratch. John from Reef Mask put a significant budget into revamping his website, this lead to a dramatic increase in conversion rate!  

If you’re trying to get your customers to invest in creative cabinets and faux finishes, or whatever products you peddle to the eager masses, then you need to make prospective consumers know that you care about them. More often than not, this means launching a social media campaign that offers discounts and information on the latest deals to those who visit your pages. Brand marketing throughout the coronavirus crisis is going to be difficult, but it will be almost entirely impossible if you don’t have a following on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Figure out how to scale

Attracting a few customers isn’t enough in this day and age – eventually, you’ll need to scale up your operations. There are four specific areas that you’ll need to master to scale with success when it comes to eCommerce, so be sure to review them before going any further. Know that social media campaigns and a web presence can be bolstered with an excellent marketing plan, but that you also need to avoid making promises you can’t keep. 

Remind people of the ongoing pandemic, but don’t push too far – you don’t want to depress your customers, after all, but instead want to remind them that you’re standing in solidarity with them as we all undergo this crisis together. Exercise common sense as you foray into the digital environment, and your eCommerce operation will be a success sooner than you’d have previously imagined possible.