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( — June 4, 2020) — Galveston, TX — Galveston-based tour organizer Taste of the Strand launched a pioneering new food tour on June 4th designed for the new normal of tourism in the State of Texas. Tapas on the Strand food tour is Galveston Island’s first foodie stop which pairs alcohol with food.

As the State of Texas reopens, Galveston-based tour organizer Taste of the Strand announces a new food tour for the post-quarantine era. Tapas of the Strand, which launches June 4th, allows participants to sample a variety of appetizers and drinks at the historic Strand District in just over two hours.

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The Galveston Strand’s beachside location and lively nightlife have made it a popular tourist destination. According to state figures, the island city welcomes some seven million visitors each year.

With the current pandemic, however, tourism to the area came to a standstill. As the state gradually reopens, tour organizers have begun offering modified activities to help spur local tourism while still ensuring the safety of guests.

Taste of the Strand says their tapas-themed tour is especially suited to post-lockdown times. In contrast to other food tours where sit-down meals are the norm, only appetizers, snacks, and drinks will be served during the event. This allows guests to explore the historic Strand District and dine at several popular establishments, all while minimizing the amount of time they are outside.

The tour organizer worked with some of the participating bars and restaurants to create exclusive tapas and alcohol pairings. It also reassures tourists that proper health protocols will be observed during the food tasting, such as adequate social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Taste of the Strand says the tourism industry has to adapt to the new normal. The company hopes that its recently launched tour is one step towards jump starting Galveston’s tourist sector.

A company representative says: “In this new reality before us, it’s all about taking small steps towards the future. That’s what really inspired our tapas-tasting tour: little bites that whet your appetite, so you look forward to coming back to Galveston Strand. Our goal was to innovate an experience without losing its essence.”

Taste of the Strand offers food tours that help visitors discover the culinary scene of Galveston, TX. More information about the company is available at its official Facebook page: