Hypnosis For Sex Addicts And Offenders Therapy Treatment Services Launched

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(Newswire.net — June 9, 2020) — Benjamin Jones has launched “Quit My Addiction!” to address sex addictions and offer sex offender rehabilitation. With the use of hypnotherapy, his agency can help clients break their addiction.

“Quit My Addiction!” is a rehabilitation agency founded by Benjamin Jones. The agency is focused on helping its clients end a life-threatening or debilitating addiction. They incorporate the techniques of hypnotherapy/hypnosis which have been proven to give the best results.They have recently tailored their techniques to help clients suffering from sex addiction and those that are prone to commit sexual offenses.

For more information visit https://quitmyaddiction.com

Addiction can be very hard to deal with without professional help. The professionals at “Quit My Addiction!” understand this and are ready to help clients form life-changing habits to overcome sex addictions. Their newly launched service aims to do this through the proven technique of hypnotherapy/hypnosis.

The agency believes that addiction is linked to the habits that were formed below the age of 7. They posit that these habits have been ingrained into the subconscious which makes the addiction even harder to overcome.

The subconscious is a part of the mind that an individual does not have control of and is responsible for many behavior patterns. These patterns are exhibited on a daily basis but many times the origin is unknown. “Quit My Addiction!” believes that sex addiction can be broken if the behavior patterns acquired below the age of 7 can be replaced with new ones. They believe the way to do this is through hypnotherapy/hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is the process of accessing the behavior patterns that are subconsciously developed within the first 7 years of one’s life. “Quit My Addiction!” uses this technique in a non-invasive and non-coercive way to access a client’s subconscious to uncover the belief systems that fuel sex addiction. This process is just like a regular therapy session except that information will be given by the subconscious mind instead.

After the issues have been found, a personalized recording is prepared by team and given to the client based on the session. This recording contains the new belief systems that will fuel new sexual behavior patterns to be formed in the subconscious to break the addiction. This recording is to be played using earphones every night for 4 weeks just before the client goes to sleep.

This is because the subconscious mind is very active at this time. What this means is that the subconscious mind will be constantly taught how it should operate in the same way people are able to learn new skills through repetition.

“Quit My Addiction!” wants their clients to be happy, healthy, safe, and whole. These goals have driven them to develop a great technique that is backed by good success rates. They have had 126 hypnotherapy sessions and 121 of their clients have attained long term positive results.

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