Bamboo Sports Clothing: What Makes Them Better

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( — June 9, 2020) —

The fitness and sports apparel industry have seen a huge boom over the last decade.  With the incorporation of a new trend in sportswear deemed “athleisure”, it’s no longer considered faux pas to spend a day wearing your joggers around town, even if you have no intention to go for a run.  This has created an entirely new world of sports clothing companies, beyond your typical Nike and Adidas go-to brands.  Why deviate from these tried and true brands?  One word: innovation.  

The choices are abundant, but how can you decipher which truly are superior?  Do you go with just the brands we trust?  Let’s first delve into what you truly require out of your sports attire.  The comfort of course is a huge factor, but what about moisture-wicking, breathable and odor absorbing?  Gone are the days of a simple cotton t-shirt and gym shorts.  Technology in the apparel industry has been able to advance the way even our clothing is produced.  For truly exceptional quality, bamboo sports clothing is the future of athletic apparel.  Let’s give a complete rundown of what makes this natural fabric so unique and innovative. 

  • Comfortable, luxurious feeling fabric.  Composed of natural fibers, the use of bamboo creates a feel unparalleled to the industry standards for sports clothing. 

  • Moisture-wicking means no overly sweaty stains, uncomfortable wetness when being active, and full absorption so you can feel free to workout without the annoyance of dripping sweat in the way.

  • Odor absorbing because let’s face it, we never want to be that person who smells like the gym.  We may not all have the luxury of being able to shower immediately after exercising, so the versatility of remaining in your athletic apparel to run errands is an added perk.  

  • UV-protection from sun exposure.  An active lifestyle includes both indoor and outdoor activities so to know that your clothing is also providing you with much-needed protection from the harmful UV rays is a highly overlooked attribute.  Some styles can offer as much as 50+ UV protection, which is just as great as any sunscreen can offer.  

  • Breathable.  When we work out, it’s inevitable that our bodies will begin to overheat, thus sweating ensues.  But, do we want our clothing to make us feel like we are suffocating in addition to the sweat?  One of the many benefits to this amazing fabric, the feeling of cooling your skin through the fabric.  

  • Chemical-free.  Most performance fabrics are created with synthetic materials and treated with chemicals to provide the moisture-wicking, odor absorbing, UV protecting features they tout. The impact creating these multipurpose fabrics is horrible on not only the environment but you the wearer, making it worse for the wear.  Bamboo fabric does not require all the added chemical compounds to provide the user with the same level of protection.

  • Sustainable.  The environment may not be what you are primarily thinking about when looking to make a clothing purchase, however, it’s definitely an added benefit knowing that bamboo is a renewable resource, creating less pollution in its sourcing requirements.  

It shouldn’t take more convincing as to why investing in bamboo sports clothing is the way to go.  The many advantages and overall appeal of this fabric is a clear cut winner against its various competitors.  With all of the positive attributes bamboo sports clothing provides, it’s hard to pinpoint any negatives of its value.  If you want to truly make the most of your workout or active lifestyle, let your choice be dictated by the ingenuity and quality of products by those who strive to provide us with what we need to lead an enhanced life.